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The East: How to Move from Scarcity to Opportunity

Welcome to the East.

Want the system to change, so over these colonial ways?
Ready to be in the oneness already?

You might know about your spiritual gifts and feel good about them but feel frustrated that others can’t see them.

Or maybe you feel like no one understands you, and if the world would evolve faster and be where you are, then they would appreciate you!

You might struggle with communicating what you do and how valuable it is.

And you might get stuck in cycles of scarcity.

At the same time, you can easily access spiritual gifts and psychic senses and relate to universal oneness.

Nonduality comes effortlessly to you.

The East’s greatest gift: possibility.

The East’s greatest weakness: separation.

For my fellow East dwellers, I wanted to share the gifts and the wounds you need to know to end your stuck pattern and enter into the highest version of yourself.

I’ll also explain how to spot the wounds, what you need to do to heal them, and how to move from repeating the cycle to the next level of possibility.


On a fundamental level, we don’t want to be here, or that’s what we think.

If we are in the wound, we hyper-focus on the negative and close ourselves off from our gifts.

We have a significant block around what we’ve decided is bad or evil. That might be from childhood, stories, or the state of the world.

The key to finding peace is connecting your spiritual work with the thing you don’t like or think is bad.

This can be super painful because we have learned to create distance between ourselves and what we think is wrong.

That might be conventional jobs, that might be money, that might be politics. You get the idea.

Your socio-political job is to bring your brilliance into the system and light it up from the inside, not to create the New Earth on an island and wonder when someone will build the bridge so others can join.

Keeping yourself separate is preventing the community you want from existing.

You may feel like an outsider, so it will be tempting to stay on the outside (socially, politically, emotionally, psychically), where it feels safer.

Gently try moving into the center.

Allow yourself to have human needs.

This can look like the artist allowing themselves to be successful instead of believing their suffering is noble.

This can look like the environmental activist that moves to the city and invests in sustainability instead of being a hermit in the woods.

This can look like the hyper-sensitive person realizing they can do more than they think.

This can look like the world’s best healer laying down their prestige and letting others teach them.

Ooooiiii it is painful!

The thing is, we have built our whole identity around othering.

We aren’t like them.

We build ourselves up to be better and want people to rise to where we are instead of meeting them halfway.

When we behave this way, we embody the hierarchy we hate.

The limiting belief is that we aren’t THAT.
We aren’t THEM.

We move from scarcity to opportunity and possibility when we see we are connected.

When we can lay down the old thing we thought was pure, ideal, or perfect, we can do the deep work we came here to do.

It might look very different than you thought.

It might not look as spiritual as you are.

It might look like something less serious than your actual brilliance.



Things to watch out for:

Rising above is also an act of scarcity.

We might catch ourselves leaving our bodies to avoid being present with our power.

Our need for something different is a deep yearning for connection.
We meet that need by joining, not by running away.

You are safe here.

So if you’re still stuck and feeling misunderstood, wanting to escape, and feeling like your business isn’t getting the attention or income it deserves, it’s time to bring in the thing you usually wouldn’t.



When you move from the wound of the East to the gift, you see that life is an opportunity.

Opportunities are all around us.

We receive the opportunity when we remove the
“Why I can’t,” the “Not yet,” the stories around why it’s too hard for you right now.

Instead of being the victim, we can change the story.

The dreams we barely permit ourselves to feel are closer than they seem.

They are already in motion.

They are right here.

All we have to do is go where we usually wouldn’t go and look when we would typically look away.


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