Awakening Spiritual Gifts

Five Ways to Awaken Your Spiritual Gifts

Believe it or not, activating our spiritual gifts is quite easy.

With the proper guidance, mastering them can be too.

I want to share five powerful ways to awaken your gifts, such as telepathy, inter-dimensional travel, etc.


Awakening Your Gifts from a Place of Integrity

This is a big generalization, but I’ll say it anyway.

There are usually two types of people who want to work with their spiritual gifts.

One type of person interested in exploring and awakening their spiritual gifts might be doing it from the wound to escape the 3D reality.

They feel like outsiders.

They think if they can develop their gifts, it will become evident that they ARE different and, in fact, better than the ones that hurt them in the first place.

Once these gifts are awakened, we can sometimes misuse them to inflate our egos.

When we encounter these people that have activated their gifts from the wound, they stick in our heads.

When we start to get curious about exploring our own gifts, we might think of this type of person and become fearful we will become that.

Now, the second way we might be interested in developing our spiritual gifts is from a place of our own self-actualization,

Because our spiritual gifts are human capacities, we all have access to them.

We are all capable of telepathic communication.

We are all capable of being psychic.

We are all capable of dream work and inter-dimensional travel.

However, these gifts come to some of us more naturally, and some of us are born with those gifts already open.

For example, I can travel to people in their dreams and teach them things, and I do so regularly. I can teach people how also to do that.

But I am terrible at mechanics. I have trouble understanding how the physical 3D works.

It’s not something that comes naturally to me, but I could learn it if I wanted to.

Another type of person ready to master their spiritual gifts wants to do so to learn, gain spiritual wisdom, and because they want to know more.

They want to experience the full range of their capacities because they want to know what it’s like to be powerful just for the sake of being powerful.

Not to have power over other people, of course. But just for themselves. To see what they are capable of!

We can and should give ourselves permission to think and feel things like:

Witnessing spiritual teachers or other people that do miraculous things and be like, “Hey, actually, I kinda want to do that too.”

“I DO want to explore what it’d be like to imprint the future and then come back in the next life and see how I imprinted it.”

“I DO want to explore the unseen spiritual realms and learn how to move from one to the next.”

It’s one thing to activate the spiritual gifts, but where I really love to play has been bringing it back into the 3D so we can help other people AND have fun doing it.

Often, when we’re getting called to explore this work, it’s because a whole part of us hasn’t been seen and is ready to be seen.

And believe it or not, we weren’t given our spiritual gifts JUST to help people who are suffering.

So, I will give you some helpful tips to help you have more spiritual experiences and develop your gifts.


1) Name what you see and what you feel.

If someone suddenly pops into your head. Give them a call.

If you’re doing visualization or meditation, write down what you witnessed afterward.

Another thing I like to do during visualizations, meditations, or journey work, is to speak aloud about what I am experiencing and record myself.

This gives me the rawest and most unfiltered version of my awareness.

Now granted, It helps if I talk right as I am experiencing the thing. The longer I wait, the more my mind can come in and undo or talk me out of the things I’ve seen.


2) Pay attention to the subtle.

We often think spiritual experiences will feel or look big and dramatic.

Like when you lose a loved one, and the veil is thin, we can feel them on the other side.

Or, for many of us, we might have had a big opening up when we were somewhere especially powerful, like Sedona or someplace renowned for having great energetics.

And when these experiences do happen, it’s mind-blowing.

But what if, instead of having to leave our lives to get these big experiences, we could bring those experiences right into us right now?

We can also have spiritual experiences that are more subtle and happen a lot more frequently.

Your awareness is constantly picking up information.

You have the power to bring the magic and the mystical into your everyday life.

All it takes is you noticing when it is happening.


3) Continue to process your inner work.

What is the biggest thing you are working on in your life?

If you want to open up your gifts, consider where you doubt yourself and what your limiting beliefs are.

So, for example, a limiting belief would be:

“If I express who I truly am, my family will do something, my community will turn on me.”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that.

I hear this every single day.

And I’d also like to name a big departure here.

There’s a way that everything comes down to energy.

Everything comes down to doing your work.

Yes, we all have shadows and triggers.

BUT there is a trap here, and it’s called “I become so aware of myself that I’m frozen.”

I can’t make a move.

We have learned to hyper-question and over-analyze everything we do so much that we always assume we’re doing something wrong.

Instead, we want to think less about how we need to correct and fix something and more about how we see and notice something about ourselves.

The more you see something about yourself and share it becomes spiritual gift-giving.

As part of a community, we experience that magic when we share what we notice about ourselves from that vulnerable place.

And our community gets to benefit from it.

If you’re trying to develop your gifts, you need to be able to see what your limiting beliefs are and catch yourself when you’re doing that limiting belief.

Moving through that limiting belief will directly correlate to opening up a gift.

Every. Single. Time.


4) Another way to grow your beliefs is constantly asking yourself, Is this true? And how do I know it’s true?

To recognize and use some of our gifts, we need to expand ourselves into multiple dimensions.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to be able to see multiple things being true at the same time.

There is power in the non-dual.

Nothing is limited to true or false.

A more inclusive understanding of reality is that there is also true and false at the same time.

The more we can ask ourselves, “Is this true? How do I know?”,

we will see that we don’t.

This is a good thing because it opens up other possibilities.

When we can give ourselves some grace here and allow ourselves or allow others the possibility that their perspective isn’t wrong, or opposing ours, but existing alongside ours.

That opens up our capacity to travel and move through different dimensions.

It opens up pathways, making it easier to travel through unseen realms and astral project into the dream realms.


5) Tracking your spiritual gifts over a long period of time.

Another way to test out your gifts is by watching how they progress over time.

If you want to start playing with your psychic gifts and tapping into your knowing, start tracking when they show up.

Claim them for yourself.

Notice when you had a premonition that came true.

If it’s true, it is on some level.

The amount of telepathy in shaman school has been off the chains recently.

The thing is, it’s been happening the whole time.

The only thing that changed was their belief in themselves.

Lastly, one of the best ways to open up spiritual gifts and learn how to use them in powerful ways is by simply being around someone who uses them already.

Once you experience firsthand what it’s like to use your gifts,

you will probably realize, “Holy shit, I have been doing this for a long time, and I had no idea.”

Once you become conscious of your gifts, you get to use them to help yourself, help others, play, and have FUN!


We get to play in different ways.

Are you at a point where everything feels “fine,” but you are looking for something more?

You may feel like you need to get away from your life.

Do you find yourself constantly needing to go on vacations to find enjoyment?

Guess what? You’re BORED!

Mastering your gifts is the only thing that will satisfy your craving for more.

You don’t have to run away from your life.

You get to turn and see this other side of your life that’s been right in front of you the whole time.

You just couldn’t see it before!

Some of the benefits of mastering your gifts include:

  •  Healthier relationships.
  •  Being more in flow.
  •  Things come to you more easily.
  •  Being able to call in more money.
  •  Being able to grow your business with ease.
  •  Feeling more comfortable speaking your mind and worrying less about what others think.
  •  Being able to do your soul work.
  • Being able to see for yourself that there is more to life than status and money.


There is so much beyond the physical, and it doesn’t have to take you OUT of the physical 3D or drastically change your life.

The magic is here to enhance it.

Suppose you’re interested in gaining spiritual wisdom for enlightenment, self-growth, getting into your business, helping others, or just seeing how powerful you can be.

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