30 Days of Ritual, Devotion, and Connection to the Spirit Realm

Do you find yourself wanting to make time for more spirituality and beauty in your life but all of the “real life” stuff gets in the way?

Have you been studying spirituality your whole life? Reading books, doing retreats, taking classes in meditation, shamanism, or priestess training…

But still don’t fully feel like the spiritual person you keep imagining in your head?

If only people knew or could see the richness that you are holding deep down in your soul, what would that feel like?

Are you longing to be held in the richness of ritual and devotion and the spirit realms? 

To be held and nourished in that love and that light and the joy of the mystery…

Do you want to play in your spiritual gifts for play and joy

As spiritual beings we are usually motivated by helping others, it is part of our coding.

But sometimes that can leave us feeling lost and disconnected from our own self, who we are, and what is ours to hold. 

We can get caught up in doing more and more for others because we have the capacity to, but we slowly start to feel depleted.

What would it feel like to give that to yourself and not have to go out and apply it to your business or immediately help others?

What would be possible if we take the time to build and hold our own power, simply for the sake of giving that to ourselves?

What would it feel like to wrap yourself up in a robe of devotion and love to and for yourself?

you are worthy of complete trust and devotion


30 Days of Ritual, Devotion, and Connection to the Spirit Realm




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Connection to the Spirit Realm

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Self Worth Masterclass

Lifestyle and Mindset Coach Tyler Riley will show you how to - understand confidence as a daily practice of showing up for yourself instead of waiting for external validation - learn how to slow down and celebrate your own growth, success and joy - recognize and release self-sabotage. Come lean into your blessings!

Create Your Altar for the Divine Within

AstroCoach, Heidi Easley will show us how to create Sacred Space aligned with your Sun & Rising Sign. Learn how to align with the Elements and Energies of your sacred blueprint - your natal chart - to create your unique altar for the divine within.

Seeker of Truth

Reverend Wendy Sue Wahl is a certified Akashic Record Teacher and Consultant with over 20 years of experience working with the Lords, Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. Join us for an intimate interview.

Come Share the Experience of

A powerful intentional and devotional experience based in the spiritual realms and delivered into the 3D through your own holy being. 

Growth of spiritual gifts for a fun and flourishing life

Rich and nourishing experience of yourself, your magic and your power

Experience of self as Holy: worth of complete devotion and trust

This is a unique opportunity to drop into deep devotion and trust. It is important that attendees show up with commitment and integrity.

Over 15 Years

Best- Selling Author

Hundreds of Clients

Hello and welcome to this sacred space. 

I’m SpiritBird healer, teacher, best-selling author, and founder of Shaman School. I help healers and leaders open and master their spiritual gifts and bring them into the 3D for impact, abundance, and just for fun. Through my work and programs, you will heal yourself, become as powerful as you can be, and embody your spiritual nature and highest-level purpose. I believe when we grow our gifts and share them with the world, the world becomes a more beautiful place. 

What Holy Devotees Are Saying...

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