Private Spiritual Coaching

Do you have a dream or vision you are ready to bring forward into the world?

Are you ready to make lasting changes, end old cycles, and Experience a massive upgrade?

Spiritual Gifts Soul Path Breakthrough

$444 for a limited time

Are you starting to get the sense it is time to re-imagine parts of your life?

Is a new vision or version of you starting to come in, but you can’t quite see it yet?

If you are in a transition, feeling stagnant, and are ready for a massive opening this 90 minute Private Spiritual Coaching immersion will reveal the next steps on your soul path, spiritual awakening, and life mission. We will deep dive together to open up new spiritual gifts and bring them into the 3D. 

Bring your spiritual business into the 3d- Offer and Website Creation

$10k (with payment plans available)

Do you offer spiritual services but are struggling to figure out what to do with them? This mostly done for you VIP experience is every thing you need to get clear about your unique offer, stand out in the market, and get your business going. You’ll receive private 1:1 coaching, a brand new or upgraded website, and the marketing tools you need for a sustainable business. Our winning team has helped dozens of companies, mostly spiritual or women-owned enjoy a successful, fulfilling, heart centered business. 

Private Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Coaching

Private experiences start as low as $425/month

Nothing beats the powerful transformation of deep private healing and coaching to heal your past, make sense of the present, and guide you to the life you desire. Learn more about healing trauma or anxiety, guidance through your awakening, creating your dream business, or in person plant medicine ceremonies.

Success Stories

Jenn Photo

With SpiritBird’s insight and guidance (and clever questioning) I was able to clear stored trauma. Now when anxiety-inducing incidences occur, I’m better able to recognize the anxiety and set it aside, rather than getting carried off in the swirl of worry and constant brain chatter. I’ve learned to trust myself better and leave anxiety out of my decision-making process. Since this program, my life has just rocketed forward and so many positive changes have occurred.

Jenn, overcame anxiety and received a $13k scholarship


SpiritBird is a gifted healer whose work is filled with grace, integrity, and confidence. She has a supportive, guiding presence that makes each session dynamic and challenging while still feeling safe. I’m so grateful for how she’s held me through a variety of processes. Our work together has expanded my spirit and self immeasurably. 

Anne, got into alignment with her work and got a deal with Netflix

I had been struggling to clear some emotions that I believe have contributed to some serious health issues. I felt a deep level of compassion and care from this lovely soul. Spiritbird is talented and truly cares about me and my healing. we made quite a few beautiful breakthroughs of deep buried emotions, that have contributed to layers of symptoms in my body.

Kelly had breakthroughs and released long buried emotional conflicts.

I was feeling lost and depressed but now I have a clearer sense of who I am and deeper connection to the worlds around me. My intuition and body awareness has heightened immensely; I am able to see my truth more clearly and understand that I’m not here to save the world; people have their own lessons to learn in this life. Working with SpiritBird saved me countless hours of trying to figure out what is going on inside and outside of my body; before I felt like I was just spinning circles, not really seeing or understanding the bigger picture. If you are committed to changing your life, do this program!

Jacquie uncovered a clear sense of who she is and the worlds around her.

Wasn’t sure what I could offer online, felt guilty, and like it wasn’t possible for me to seek full-on pleasure and joy in my career. SpiritBird honed in on and helped me discover new layers of my blocks as well as my light. It was a great investment because I had an energy healer, intuitive, and business coach all in one! Highly recommend if you need a good kick in the booty. Private sessions helped me focus and created greater accountability for me. It feels good to have individualized guidance.

Leah discovered it’s possible to follow her joy and got confident on what and how to share her soul work.

Katy Jo Holton, Spiritbird

One on One Private Spiritual Coaching

Heal deeply. Align your life. Make your dream a reality.