Shamanic Training

Develop Your Gifts.

Heal Yourself and Others.

The call of the healer comes in many ways.

The call or spiritual awakening may feel like : 

These are just a few of the ways you might hear the call to become a certified shamanic healer.

Feeling the nudge is just the beginning.

Let Holton Healing Arts guide you on your path to becoming an empowered, effective spiritual leader. 

The Shamanic Path of Healing:
Wherever You Are, There is Always a Way Forward

You may have already started training in healing, coaching, intuitive or energy work.

Or perhaps you are on a journey of healing from trauma, toxic relationships, negative patterns, or fear of judgment.

Wherever you are, Holton Healing arts will help you learn more about Shamanism and Shamanic practices.

Heal Yourself. Become a Shamanic Healer. Guide others on their spiritual journey. 

Together, we will bring your intuitive gifts forward and share gifts with the world.


My Calling, My Journey

I’m SpiritBird. During my childhood I had interactions with the spirit realms, psychic gifts, and prophetic dreams, but struggled to understand their meaning. Without a clear cultural context of what was happening, I felt lost and confused. 

In 2007 I experienced my first Shamanic training and realized very quickly that I unknowingly had shamanic gifts for a long time. I was so enlivened from the practices that I started formally training in Shamanic Healing for my own personal healing. But for years, even though I knew I was meant to do this work, I still struggled with self doubt and confidence to use my gifts as a spiritual entrepreneur. 

Through an on-going journey of personal healing,  I connected to my higher calling to bring my gifts forward, share them with the world and help other spiritual gifted people learn how to grow their gifts and create a thriving spiritual business that aligns with them and truly helps others.

Spiritbird Holton Shamanic Teacher

I love helping individuals learn how to listen to the spirit world and be in relationship with life, so they can show up in the fullness of who they are and live a life of prosperity and service. 

Sacred Medicine

Mystical Practices for Ecstatic Living

It was an honor to share my medicine and story with this tremendous group of healers and master teachers.  From ancient wisdom to modern rituals and ceremonies, there is deep wisdom and knowledge packed within its pages.Amazon Best Selling Author

Walking With You On Your Path

Wherever your are in your spiritual or professional journey, support and guidance is available for you. 

Shaman School

This training intensive is for healers and entrepreneurs who want to grow their spiritual gifts and expand their business. If you are are ready to deepen your spiritual journey and step into the next level of service and impact, Shaman School is for you. Want to become a Certified Shamanic Healer?

Heal With the Shamanic Archetypes

A program to guide you through the fundamentals of Shamanic Archetypes and living a spiritual life. This program is for you if you want to make lasting changes in your personal life and learn about Shamanism but aren't ready to train as a Shamanic Healer.

Private Spiritual Coaching

For those looking for high level support through deep, personal healing, working with plant medicine, or manifesting a goal and bringing your vision to life, private work is best for you. Nothing beats the fast and clear results like one on one coaching.

Why Trust Holton Healing Arts With Your Shamanic Training

Other programs may offer just a few sessions using impersonal methods that make it difficult for healers to gain confidence and trust themselves. 

You may also find you’ve been piecing together multiple spiritual practices without in-depth understanding. 

Holton Healing Arts goes deeper.

Our program is dynamic, versatile, and thorough. You will complete your training not only knowing powerful healing tools but also feeling fully confident in your work and sharing your gifts.

Holton Healing Arts Shaman School is different because we teach you how to be the magic, how to heal yourself, and how to step into your highest level of service and spiritual leadership.

Transform your life. Start your journey today.

Our Vision

Our vision is to foster ongoing learning and spiritual development. We offer a place that honors where each individual is on their spiritual journey and helps them reach that next level. We believe by helping individuals achieve their highest potential, we exponentially create positive impact in the world.

Supporting Sustainability

We believe community growth and prosperity begins with solid foundations. This is why in addition to our powerful teachings, we are proud to share a portion of our proceeds with non-profits that support environmental conservation, connection, and diversity. 

Making Spiritual Health Accessible to Everyone

We offer more than mysticism and supernatural concepts. 

At Holton Healing Arts, we apply spiritual healing modalities to real life, regular issues. We will help you integrate spirituality and everyday life from both ends of the spectrum. 

We help healers and coaches deepen their spiritual understanding, learn how to facilitate powerful healing sessions, and give them the tools they need to create a thriving life and business.

Holton Healing Arts is for you if you are ready for:

Explore Who You Are. Awaken Your Gifts. Discover Why You’re Here: Discover Your Gifts Now!

Choose the Program that is right for you

Meeting You Where You Are, On Your Path & Your Time

Spiritual entrepreneurs will learn to facilitate powerful sessions for their clients, advanced Shamanic tools, and a deep understanding of their spiritual journey so they can grow a meaningful, highly impactful business. 

For those who have just begun on their spiritual path and are ready to deepen their personal journey, Heal with the Shamanic Archetypes is for you.  

In this program, you will learn how to use Shamanic practices for work and life,  with the freedom to work at your own pace. 

Private Spiritual Coaching is ideal to help you remove blocks, heal trauma, and manifest the life you want. 

Do you have a goal or a dream you want to actualize?  

To get you elevate your spiritual journey, take our free quiz and discover your gifts!
Spiritbird Shamanic Teacher


Meet SpiritBird Holton

SpiritBird’s journey began in childhood with interactions with spirit realms, psychic gifts, and prophetic dreams, but without cultural understanding of these gifts the overwhelm and confusion led to a mental health crisis in her teens. She later came to recognize this as a shamanic initiation.

Now an international shamanic educator and bestselling author, she founded Holton Healing Arts, drawing upon over 15 years of expertise in shamanic healing and plant medicine guidance.

Her mission is to empower others by honing their spiritual abilities for real-world success through transformative training.

Trained extensively, including with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, mentorships, and in plant medicine, SpiritBird holds a master’s in Transformational Leadership, blending academic knowledge from studies in religion and holistic studies with her profound experiential wisdom.