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Here you will find free guided meditations and other healing tools.

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A collection of meditations and energy guides to help you alter your mood, get through blocks, or clear your energy when you need a little extra help. If you are new to meditation, we also offer a short guide to get you started.

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Energy Healing Collection

Follow along with these healing journeys and discover matches and openings for yourself.

I want to give special thanks for the participants who lovingly shared their personal journey for the benefit of the Great Community.

Inner Child Retrieval

Your deepest healing is often recovering lost or abandoned parts of your own soul.

Follow along for a guided inner child retrieval.

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If you are new to meditation, start here:

Tips and an Introduction  to meditating

Use these meditations in a formal setting or instantly when you need to adjust your energy.

You Are Everything

Letting go of who we were, what happened to us doesn’t have to be a struggle. Sometimes we can just let go and welcome in all that we are.

Connecting to Your Dream Clients

Many of us think a lot about what we want, more clients, dream clients, a spiritual partner, but thinking doesn’t actually move energy. Let’s take a moment to actually sit down, center ourselves and connect to what we want to call in.

Shadow Conversation

What do we do with people who hold qualities that we really don’t like? How can we invite in understanding instead of putting up a wall or making them bad? In this meditation, we just get a little curious.


There is work to do and places to transform. And, there is time for silence. Perhaps you are ready for some emptying out. Quiet the mind from constant evaluation. Create some space and rest into silence. The emptiness, the void is where we meet possibility.

Tending Your Energetic Field

When it comes to being around a lot of people, or even around a strong personality, it can be too easy to get caught up in the swirl of energy that is not ours. To become more conscious of this, we need to have a practice tending to the edges of our own boundaries and auric field.

Get Clear on Your Desire

How can we have a clear vision of our life if we don’t know what we actually want? Journey with me as we sit with our heart for a while.

Running Energy Through Your System

Play around with feeling energy in your body. Use this practice for embodiment work, intention work, infusing objects with prayer or for concentration.

Anchoring Yourself

When more drama arises, enticing us to try harder, push more and do more, let us remember the power of coming back to ourselves and dropping an anchor deep in the well of our our being… our well-being.


Have you been holding on to some anger lately? This one is for you. Really.

Embodying Patience

Nurse your creativity and desires like you are pregnant. Feed them with nourishment and fill your reservoir until you choose you are ready to give birth. Give yourself permission to be patient and let that feeling fill your body.

Discharging Conflict

Conflict can be very triggering. In the face of conflict, we root into opposing view points and latch on to the belief that I am right and you are wrong. In doing so, we essentially lock ourself in our own cage. Ultimately, it serves us more to be free and converse from a place of possibility.

Threading the Needle

Learn and practice how we can use our body to connect the divine light above with the divine earth below.

Who Am I?

We don’t grow ourselves by pulling things from the outside in, but by expanding from the center. Sometimes it is good to go back to basics with this classic and powerful meditation.

Unlocking the Chains of Struggle

Loosen the grip of the habitual belief that you have to push, fight or struggle to accomplish your goals. As we unlock our power to call forth what we want in the world, we often find a belief lurking underneath that says it has to be hard. Use this meditation to help you on your career path, when you feel you have hit or road block or even when confronting difficult customer service.


Use this meditation to help move through blocks in your professional life. Often results that we seek only show up in the capacity that we are available. If you are ready to take your business or professional career to the next level but are getting stuck, chances are your energetic body doesn’t know what it is like to allow the next level of success that you seek. It might feel like you are stuck or are in a cycle of one step forward and two steps back.

Release Altar

For the times you have worked so hard to move through an emotion and you are ready to let it go, and yet it feels like it is still lingering in your system. This meditation takes you to your energetic altar (“alter”) so you can create a ceremony an allow the release.

Rest Your Busy Mind

We have all had nights we wake up in the middle of and our brain starts going. It feels like we can’t shut it off and on top of that, we really need to get to sleep. Your heart starts beating faster as you work harder to try to make yourself go to sleep, but before you know it you are floating down the rapids of your thoughts. This one is for you, give yourself calm. Give yourself trust. Let it go and be at peace.

Finding Your Inner Light

What if you could bring your favorite feelings into your body? What if those places are already there? Where is that special center for you? The place your light shines from? When your inner light is on, it connects to a grid and talks to the universe. Let’s find that light.

Deep Rest

In the process of moving towards our desires we come face to face with our fears. They feel like road blocks and sometimes even the thought of moving through them is exhausting. This meditation is for when it is time for a rest. Know the difference between taking a rest and giving up.


Very powerful! Use this energy tool meditation when you feel tangled up in someone else’s energy or you are having trouble staying clear about what you want. 

Want to Learn More about Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Tools?

In this two part recording you will find instructions and drumming for your journey purposes.

For a limited time you can upgrade and get the guide, Embrace Your Inner Wisdom and Unleash Your Potential by clicking HERE.

Creating Sacred Space

This is for those who are interested in learning to modify the energy of a room, cleanse a home or deepen your practice with smudging. Smoke acts as a sacred tool to bring our prayers into the 3D. You can even use this practice at work or for your own physical healing.

Want to Learn More about Shamanic Healing and Spiritual Tools?

Releasing Old Promises

Finding yourself stuck in an anger pattern? Are other people’s poor choices taking too much of your energy? Perhaps it is time to re-work our promises to ourselves and call in a new way of being.

Integrating All of You

How do you bring all the different parts of who you are together? Follow along for integrating all of you. 

Welcoming Your Wild One

Our wild little ones are often abandoned because they got us in trouble, until at just the right time, we are ready to call them back to us and see with new eyes all the gifts they hold for us. Welcome home Sacred Warrior.

Midwifing Yourself

When we get hurt, part of our soul leaves our body as a way to protect itself and stay safe. Once we are ready, we must work to reconnect to those lost soul parts and call them back into our body, offering a re-birth to our own soul and magical self.

Honoring the Sacred Feminine

For many of us, the masculine has been in overdrive, protecting us and keeping us safe. Then, we get to a point where it is time to meet the world in flow instead of fight. What would happen if we allow the masculine within us to support the feminine? Maybe it is time for the feminine to come out and be seen.

Want to learn how to facilitate deep healings in an hour session?

This is a very special guide put together in collaboration with the book, Sacred Medicine. In this updated version of the practice of soul retrieval, I will guide you through finding lost or wounded parts of yourself and welcoming them back home. 

Often lost or abandoned parts of ourselves leave us in fear or holding patterns. This leads to imbalances in emotions, addiction, and even illness. Inviting the lost parts of ourselves back brings us to better wholeness, health, and wellness. 

Please make sure you have a quiet space so you can be gentle and present through this practice.