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Are you longing to have more spirituality in your life but you don’t know where to start?

Tired of re-living the same patterns over and over, no matter how many retreats you attend or practices you take on and you’re ready to HEAL!

Done over giving and putting yourself last to your detriment, but someone how you just keep doing it?

Maybe you’re longing for deep, meaningful connection but keep finding yourself in the same less-than-stellar relationships…

Maybe it’s as simple as the feeling that your life is kind of *flat*, or that there has to be more MAGIC to life than what you’re experiencing now.

Underneath it all you are feeling a calling for more and you’re ready to dive deeper into spiritual connection and your unique purpose.

If this is you…You are in the right place.

“The wisdom you led us to discover through your carefully guided and chosen words for each and every class and amazingly curated lessons have transformed the person I am from a floaty-fawning- escapist to someone who can stand in my power with confidence.”

That feeling is calling you forward…

But the answer won’t be found in forcing yourself to stay “high vibe” or trying to check off every single “good spiritual person” box.

The answers you seek come from accepting all of who you are.

The Shamanic Archetypes can take you there.

Healing with the Shamanic Archetypes allows you to make deep, lasting shifts in a short period of time. Ancient wisdom shows us how to connect with the spirit realm.

By learning the ancient wisdom of the Shamanic Archetypes, you can learn to live with peace, connection, and purpose.

You’ll receive incredible insights into your personal challenges (like where they came from and why) and know the way forward (like clarity on your purpose and what to do next).

If you are spiritual practitioner or a coach the Shamanic Archetypes reveal incredible insight into your clients needs and higher purpose.



Do you struggle with feeling like you have to do everything yourself to get anything done? Do you swing back and forth between feeling like you’re either too much or not enough? You’re aware that you have some control issues but anytime you let go of control people let you down. You keep fluctuating between being overwhelmed and having to do everything followed by burnout. This is the sacred wound of the north. You’re good at getting things done and underneath this wound is the gift of the Guardian. Once fully embodied it allows you to create amazing communities, systems, support, and empower others with inspiration and action.



Caught in a trap of people pleasing and feeling like you need to be perfect. You feel things deeply, but sometimes it makes it hard to honor your own needs and stand by your boundaries because you don’t like seeing others suffer. Sometimes it’s hard to know the right thing to do and if somebody could just tell you, you’d be so relieved. Perhaps you feel called to share yourself more authentically like there’s a part of you that you keep hidden, but you’re afraid if you were to reveal it, others would be unhappy with you or judge you. This is the sacred wound of the West. When you’re loving heart is paired with your truth, you step into the gift of boundaried compassion and bring people together. You are the Actualizer.



Do you sometimes feel like you’re in the wrong place or maybe even on the wrong planet? You see all the messed up things in the world that you want to be different- if only it were different! Then you and everyone else could flourish. You see energy and are deeply attuned with the cosmic and it feels like people just don’t get it you. You’re stuck with feeling limited in many areas of your life even though you see all these possibilities for change. This is the sacred of the East. When you heal the hurt caused by systems in the world, you step into the gift of the System Changer becoming a bridge builder that moves from limitations into limitless and divine calling.



You’re strong and independent you don’t like people telling you what to do and are frustrated with everybody being too sensitive and not speaking the truth. You might even struggle with anger patterns. When they come out you end up being the bad guy in other people’s eyes making you feel like it’s better to do things on your own. Avoiding groups and vulnerability is your safest choice. This is a sacred wound of the south. Your Lone wolf tendency and fearlessness when paired with an open heart, welcome your gift of Pathmaker- a pioneer that forges new pathways in the world and profound leadership.

Hi, I'm SpiritBird

Years ago, I was really, really stuck.

I remember sitting at my kitchen table looking at my vegetable garden one day. I knew I had a higher purpose, but I wasn’t sure how to access it or where to focus my time and energy. I was spending a lot of time searching with little progress or relief.

I kept exploring bits and pieces from psychology and various spiritual methods and teachers, but I still couldn’t figure out how to apply it to my life in a practical way that had clear results.

Talk therapy just wasn’t cutting it or helping me truly heal.

And I wanted to feel more spiritually connected but conventional religion didn’t work for me.

Once I uncovered the Shamanic Archetypes, everything changed

They gave me the tools to face the uncomfortable parts of myself that I had been avoiding – the fear, confusion, and pain from my past that was keeping me stuck.

Through my exploration of Shamanism, I gained a deep understanding of my place in the interconnectedness of life and how to see the world through Shamanic eyes.

I learned how to identify my triggers, move through my anxiety and fear, and have a method to help me when I get stuck.

I created a deep connection to my spiritual wisdom so that I can make confident decisions

These spiritually guided decisions contribute to a thriving life.

But most importantly…

I was finally able to accept all of myself, and through exploring Shamanism and the Shamanic Archetypes, find the deeper meaning and spiritual connection with life that I had been looking for.

Now I live with a clear understanding of my path, enjoy relationships that are deep and loving, and my life is full of fulfillment and have spent over 15 years helping others heal and live a more spiritually connected life. 

Anna student review

“The amount of “seeing” that is happening has been unreal. I feel such clarity. Before everything was so muddled between what was happening and what I was feeling (empathy overload). Now it’s like I see what’s going on and I understand what I’m feeling versus what someone else is feeling, and I’m seeing how everything is interwoven. It’s so amazing and clarifying really allowing me to make more clear and informed choices about how I want to engage with people (or what I want to shift within myself).” 


All of this is possible for you too

By learning how to tap into Shamanic Archetypes, you will...

The Content

Part I: Your Sacred Purpose

Learn about your soul’s purpose, Shamanic Archetypes and move through shadow work so you can show up in confidence, call in the life you want and connect deeply with others. No more people pleasing or giving up your boundaries.

Part II: Shamanic Life

Get more connected to the earth and learn all about ancient practices, unseen realms, connecting with spirit guides, activating your gifts, and how to translate messages from the spirit world with ease.

Part III: Calling in the Life You Want

Bring it all together in this powerful training that will help you combine Shamanic tools, clear boundaries, spiritual knowledge, and your deepest desires so you can commune with life, up level your manifesting game and live with freedom, understanding, and happiness.

It’s time to take your place…

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Work With Nature Spirits

(VALUED AT $295)

Learn how to work with the Spirits of nature and how to create beautiful ceremonies to use for yourself or with others.

Empath Tool Kit

(VALUED AT $495)

Additional training on auras, boundaries, and self care so you can know what feelings are yours and speak your truth.

Plus! Heal with the Shamanic Archetypes is the first step on a profound and lifelong journey.

If after completing the course you decide that you want to continue your Shamanic Training and enroll in Shaman School, our premiere certification training for healers and leaders, you get your investment in Shamanic Archetypes CREDITED towards your investment in Shaman School!

That’s right, your investment will roll over so it’s as easy as possible for you to continue your Shamanic Training and become the healer that you’re here to be.

“I love the material, especially the journey work. This is very exciting and compelling.”


“Thank you so much. I still find it so uncanny when I’m doing the curriculum and whatever comes up in that particular lesson is precisely what I need personally. Extraordinary. I’ve never experienced so many synchronicities.” 


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