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“In dreams, when we come to a place of fear, we usually wake up. We do the same thing in waking life, but instead of waking up, we go to sleep.

We go to sleep by checking out, covering up or even starting a fight.

The next time you come to a place of fear, don’t go back to sleep.

I want you here, dreaming yourself awake with me.”

– Shamanic Healer, SpiritBird (Katy Jo) Holton

Helping Others


Grow your spiritual gifts
so they are be seen and valued

Self Care


Heal yourself restore self love and self trust

Creating Your Offer


Create a thriving business or apply your work to the world



Wealth and leadership embodiment

Are you a seeker of wisdom?

Do you have a deep desire to Use your spiritual gifts and guide others through their own healing journey?

You might notice a subtle feeling inside you saying it is time to take your next step forward, to move out of your comfort zone, understand your personal spiritual path, and use your spiritual gifts to grow or start your business.

It’s a calling and desire to step into more abundance and use your gifts to help others in a bigger way.

Holton Healing Arts Shaman School is here to help you embody your craft, learn how to use your unique spiritual gifts, and have the trust and belief to boldly share your gifts for a bigger impact and highest service.

Learn Priceless Spiritual Knowledge

Direct Access to Intuition

You will learn to access your intuition and higher wisdom on-demand. This skill will aid you in making conscious, confident decisions about your relationships, investments, career, and personal life. You can also use your new-found wisdom to help guide others to self-actualization.

Energy Reading

Learn how to read the energy of systems, situations, and your own, so you can know where your energy is going and how to maximize your time, money, and relationships. You will become clear about what your role is in the world, how to navigate dark times, and step into abundance.

Navigating Spirit Realms

Master Shamanic Journey and exploring different spiritual realms. Visit unseen realms, chakra centers, the past and future, your inner landscape and meet spirit guides. Shamanic Journey provides limitless potential for exploration and understanding.

Self Trust

Learn how to surrender. Let wisdom, information, beauty and lessons flow through you with ease. Use your newfound insight to compassionately heal and inform others and step into flow in your life and business.

Sacred Ways of Being

Integrate spiritual and regular life in a way that is fluid and enriching. During our weekly ceremony, you'll meet with a community of your peers that will ensure accountability, integrity, and presence of our highest selves. This weekly sacred practice will help you connect deeply to yourself. In turn, you have more energy to share with others.

Healing Techniques

Learn the art of creating ritual, holding space, and using specific tools to heal others. You will be able to accurately locate blocks, heal trauma, and move energy. Even if you don't intend to do professional healing work, your personal journey throughout the program will be deeply transformative.

Shaman School is a Personal and Professional Upgrade

We want to help you awaken your psychic and shamanic abilities so you can offer amazing healing and coaching sessions that empower your clients and give them amazing results. 

Move beyond scripts and charts and advance your healing work and your spiritual business.  

This is a dynamic and interactive program where learning comes through group work and direct experience. 

With this training, you will confidently bring your gifts forward in bold, innovative ways so you can step into your next level of leadership. 

Shaman School is different because you master your personal gifts so you can stand out as the unique and powerful spiritual leader you came here to be.

Throughout the group training program, you will learn Shamanic worldview, spiritual practices, and potent healing techniques.

Once a week, share in a sacred ceremony with me (SpiritBird) and the entire cohort of student healers.

Plus, you will receive personalized and private support during the program to advance your personal and professional life. 

During our time together, you will:

Shaman School Certification

Shaman School Certification

This program is 100% online with optional in-person workshops hosted throughout the year.

Enjoy the intimacy of small class sizes with the freedom to learn from anywhere.

Plus! Qualifying participants will receive a Shamanic School Certification.

Gain the confidence and credibility to begin or enhance your professional practice.  

Who Should Attend Shaman School?

If you are ready to:

Start or elevate your healing arts business.

Receive deep personal healing.

Deepen your connection with spirit guides.

Confidently learn how to use your spiritual gifts to help others.

Move through the fear of bringing your spiritual gifts forward.

Live in alignment with your true purpose.

Overcome obstacles that are holding you back.

Help individuals integrate plant medicine experiences.

Step into your next level of spiritual leadership and personal abundance. 

Facilitate powerful healing ceremonies.

What Makes Us Unique

Heal with the shamanic archetypes

HHA Shaman School is unique because we pair personalized attention with powerful ancient teachings for rapid growth.

Shaman School is unique because you will learn powerful tools that you can blend with almost any practice. From Reiki to massage, from artist to teacher. You’ll get to combine all of the spiritual tools you’ve gathered into one powerful healing offer. 

But Shaman School is more than acquiring tools and healing skills. The self-knowledge and self-trust you will learn in Shaman School is where the real value lies.

Throughout the program each student will gain a clear understanding of their unique gifts and how to use them to be an empowering guide for others.

Old methods have us believe that healers fix things for others. Seasoned practitioners know that clients get the best results when we walk beside them and guide them to heal themselves. 

We teach you a dynamic, interactive shamanic energy healing method so your clients know exactly what is happening and are part of the process. You will learn to facilitate powerful-interactive hour-long healing sessions that you can deliver in person or over the phone. 

Plus! You will get to practice the tools you are learning in a safe place with other practitioners so you can gain experience and confidence with direct feedback. 

How would it feel to completely trust yourself, your gifts, and how to use them?

The GROW Method of Shaman School

Helping Others


Grow your spiritual gifts and put into practice the power of your personal experience and spiritual knowledge for potent healing sessions.

Self Care


This area of spiritual development emphasizes personal healing and clarity on your higher purpose. You will restore your self love and self trust.

Creating Your Offer


Learn how to take your spiritual gifts and knowledge and create or grow a clear offer, product, or business that is in line with your soul work and allows you to live a thriving and joyful life. 


Wisdom & Wealth

Step into the next level of who you are becoming and stand out as the unique spiritual leader you are here to be. Learn how to lean in for high service and bigger impact and embody your highest stef.

Living your highest purpose is priceless.

Apply to shaman School today. 


I’m ready to answer the call

Your Guide, SpiritBird Holton

During my childhood I had interactions with the spirit realms, psychic gifts, and prophetic dreams, but struggled to understand their meaning. Without a clear cultural context of what was happening, I felt lost and confused. 

In 2007 I experienced my first Shamanic training and realized that I unknowingly had shamanic gifts for a long time. I was so enlivened from the practices that I started formally training in Shamanism for my own personal healing.

But for years, even though I knew I was meant to do this work, I still struggled with self-doubt and confidence to use my gifts as a spiritual entrepreneur

Through an on-going journey of personal healing, I connected to my higher calling to bring my gifts forward. I now help other spiritual gifted people learn how to grow their gifts and create a thriving spiritual business that aligns with them and truly helps others.

The GROW Method made it possible to go from making a couple hundred dollars a month to a 60k business launch.

I now have the income and time freedom to do the things I enjoy, like building space for retreats, contributing to non-profits, speaking, traveling, and visiting with friends and family, and helping people upgrade their evolutionary gifts

You too deserve to be well-paid doing the work you love!

– SpiritBird Holton

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