Master Your Spiritual Gifts and Become a Certified Shamanic Healer​

Are you ready for expansion and to step into a life where your spiritual gifts are seen and valued?

Do you want to heal yourself and start helping others in a bigger way?

Perhaps you already know that you are magical AF, but it all stays secret

You are a truth seeker constantly looking for knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration. 

If people knew the reality of who you are and your gifts what would they think? 

The spiritual experiences you have mean something. They are important, but what they mean isn’t totally clear yet and it keeps tugging at you. 

You keep seeing visions of leading groups, healing and helping others, and using your spiritual gifts in a specific way or even working with plant medicine.  

Perhaps you are working with clients and you want to take them deeper but are afraid to make a change.

You are getting tired of being boxed in by what others think you should be or limited by what they see as valuable. 

And you find yourself getting intuitive nudges and wondering what would have happened if you trusted yourself and acted on them.

Missing out on your true purpose is the biggest disservice to yourself and the world.

But it doesn’t always feel easy. The space between the vision you secretly see yourself as and what seems possible right now can feel overwhelming. 

You know you have some gifts, but what are your unique gifts and how do you actually use them or apply them in a way that makes a difference in the world and takes care of your needs?

You know you want to gain knowledge, and explore existential questions and consciousness and you keep reading books and taking short classes but none of it is really opening up what you hoped it would. 

You know something bigger is calling you but you feel blocked and still feel like you have some personal healing to go through 

You might even be afraid that it will require a significant change or a new life direction, and you don’t want to lose what you currently have.

The feeling in your heart that you’re here to do something is undeniable, but you may have a phrase on repeat in your head: “Who am I to think I can do this? Who am I to think I’m special? I’m just me.”

You might find yourself going through constant phases of ups and downs, feeling the excitement of possibility followed by the despair of the state of the world.

You’re so over the divisions in this world. You’re ready to bring things together, end the game of running and competing, hierarchy, and feeling like you’re either too much or too small.

You’re ready for a community of people who see and value you. The superficial stuff just won’t cut it anymore.

If this is you, we need you and your authentic voice.

Imagine you were a master of your spiritual gifts. You knew exactly what they were, how to use them, and were the go-to spiritual person in your community.

Imagine what it would feel like to BE the magical being you keep imagining. Not just in secret or with a select group of people, but all the time.

Imagine being a genius at navigating the spiritual realms, unseen realms, and the world of spirit. You know how to follow the signs and be in flow and be in the right place for opportunities. 

And you’re surrounded by your soul family who knows your language, understands what you see and say, and values your work and offerings.

You trust yourself on a fundamental level.

The magic is all around you, AND you get to be seen in the magic.

What once felt like limitations are now possibilities.

You are so connected and in the flow with life and the earth that you feel at peace. No one can stop you.

Know that the magic is real and you are it

Whether you have done some shamanic training or are new to shamanism, you will gain incredible wisdom and skills knowledge not taught in any other shamanic program.

Shaman School is not only teaching shamanic wisdom and techniques but an experience to help you embody your unique medicine and your unique voice. 

Shamanism is an ancient practice long held by indigenous cultures. Today we are being called to remember our shamanic abilities, and our spiritual gifts, reconnect to the Earth, and become the shamans of our own lives. 

We learn this practice from using our own gifts in real life, sharing openly with others, and receiving shamanic experiences in our life.

It is not learned through the head but through the heart. It is a lifelong study of sovereignty, authenticity, and working directly with the spirit realm. 

We aren’t just teaching shamanism, we are showing you how to master your spiritual gifts and BE the shaman of your life and business.

We don’t believe in copycat healers or copycat healing methods. 

You’ll learn this practice to walk beside your clients and those you help, enabling them to feel empowered as you coach them through their own healing in person or virtually. 

You carry a unique medicine that someone is praying for. Why keep them waiting?

Join Shaman School for a Life Changing Experience

Shamanic Teachings

Ancient wisdom for modern times

Advanced Techniques/Tools

To enhance your in-person or virtual healing practice

Group Journey Work

Navigate the spirit realm

Personal Healing

To move through your blocks and overcome old beliefs

Exclusive Retreat (Optional)

Join in-person ceremonies

Spiritual Wisdom

To understand your path and guide people to experience a better world

If you’ve had experiences in spirituality, intuition, or shamanism you know there is more to discover.

You are ready to guide your clients or community to deeper places and you trust yourself to do it. 

You are so over the spiritual fluff. There is a balance you are longing for in your heart. A humanness you are ready to embrace that includes all the different aspects of you. 

The earthly and the cosmic. 

You are ready to release the pain you’ve felt in your life and the pain you see around you and the planet. 

You are ready for understanding

All of the puzzle pieces you’ve been collecting do have a place and a meaning. 

And it is beautiful beyond measure.

This feeling is a calling to the great mystery, and an unshakable embodiment of your purpose. A feeling you know deep in your body.

Throughout this experience, you will master your ability to:

Holton Healing Arts Shamanic Training

Use gifts to help yourself and the greater good (trust me you are magical AF)

Holton Healing Arts Shamanic Training

Process emotions, hold others through shadow work, trauma, and healing

Holton Healing Arts Shamanic Training

Find and use your unique voice proudly

Holton Healing Arts Shamanic Training

Experience magic and connection on all levels of your life

Holton Healing Arts Shamanic Training

Become wildly creative and inspired with your life and creations

Holton Healing Arts Shamanic Training

Deliver potent sessions in less time than therapy or coaching

Holton Healing Arts Shamanic Training

Overcome judgment or fear of being seen

Holton Healing Arts Shamanic Training

Receive in bigger capacities and step into abundance

Holton Healing Arts Shamanic Training

Feel worthy and strong in yourself

Holton Healing Arts Shamanic Training

become the go-to person for healing work in your community

Holton Healing Arts Shamanic Training

Connect with others with more openness and vulnerability

Holton Healing Arts Shamanic Training

Access hidden treasures within yourself that you can mine and share with others

Holton Healing Arts Shamanic Training

Be confident in your gifts, know how to use them, and trust yourself so life can take you where you want to go.

Holton Healing Arts Shamanic Training

Get more comfortable sharing your spiritual side and opening for possibilities instead of limits.

Holton Healing Arts Shamanic Training

Be highly skilled at holding groups, ceremonies, and working with plant medicines.

If you go into this with all your heart it will change everything

About Shaman School

Shaman School is our premium training ground for Shamanic worldview, spiritual gift mastery, healing techniques, and personal transformation.

Katy Jo Holton, Spiritbird

This is an 8-month program of wisdom, magic, mystery, self-love, and real-life practice mastering your gifts.

Many programs give you info about what to do while ignoring what is happening in the world right now and what is present as individuals and as a group. 

We work in real-time and with the energy that is present addressing your exact needs and pain at the moment with practices that are innovative. This means we are working with new energies each month. 

And you will get regular weekly practice using your gifts. 

This is not just a pre-recorded program with Q&A’s this is an experience of ceremony, practice, and initiation. 

Shaman School includes:

  • Weekly live ceremony calls
  • Lifetime access to our full curriculum and any new resources added to it
  • Complete program guide and templates
  • Bonus journaling and enrichment material
  • Personalized support
  • Foundations of Shamanism, our Level 1 program
  • Certification for qualifying students

You are a genius and capable of receiving information on many levels.

The GROW Method

Our method is unlike any other. Our multi-layer unique approach delivers information at a frequency usually reserved for advanced programs. 

Our proprietary GROW method will constantly develop your consciousness at four levels


Grow Your Spiritual Gifts

Master your intuition and unique spiritual gifts on demand to become an advanced spiritual guide.

Self Care Icon

Restore Self Trust & Balance

Use specific tools and your unique gifts to heal yourself and guide others through their deepest healing.


Offer Your Gifts & Service

Get clear on your higher purpose and the steps to bring your medicine into the world with confidence.

Helping Other, Shaman School
Leadership training

Wisdom and Leadership

Increase your wisdom and knowledge so you can bring your higher vision to earth and enjoy loving and supportive community and relationships.

The Curriculum

We teach coaches, healers, and seekers of knowledge how to work with the spirits and brilliantly navigate the unseen realms for powerful healing sessions, evolved understanding, and a deep sense of self-trust so you can be magical AF and share your gifts with others.

Learn how to visit unseen realms, access their wisdom, and translate messages from Spirit so you can be a well-versed guide for others. 

This section includes:

  • Soul travel and Spirit realms
  • Navigating timelines and dimensions
  • Dreaming and Astral Travel
  • Working with Spirit Guides and Star People

Learn how to work with the four directions, the elements, and read energy. You will be able to identify the core patterns in the universe so you can shift what‘s stuck and step into the highest vision you have for yourself and your clients.

  • Working with Shamanic Archetypes and Elements
  • The Medicine Wheel
  • The Process of Cycles and Transformation
  • Core Beliefs and Breaking Through Limitations and Patterns
  • Advanced Energy Reading

Master the core components of healing techniques like how to: 

  • Guide others to remove their own blocks
  • Chakras and energy centers up-leveled
  • Restore power and sovereignty
  • Heal ancestral patterns
  • Inner child retrieval, soul retrieval, and trauma healing
  • Aura and boundaries

Discover advanced, cutting-edge tools to create a comprehensive healing practice and help you heal your own fears, so you can confidently step forward, share your spiritual side with others, and meet the world as the unique visionary you are.

You will learn how to facilitate:

  • Balancing masculine and feminine energy
  • Grief and pain healing
  • Helping lost souls cross over
  • Creating sacred contracts and agreements
  • Manifesting desires
  • Speaking truth and using your voice
  • Shadow work
  • Psychedelic integration
  • Connecting to the heart 
  • Past life healing
  • Receiving abundance

Bring the teachings together and apply them to your life, community, and business. Embody the medicine so you can be the evolutionary leader and make a positive impact in the world. 

You will learn how to:

  • Create sacred ceremony
  • Work with nature spirits
  • Hold individuals and groups through transformation
  • Practice spiritual business ethics
  • Step into spiritual leadership
  • Create or grow a healing arts business
  • Apply your wisdom to elevate your company or community

If you are new to Shamanism our level 1 course, Foundations of Shamanism is automatically included.

Shaman School Graphic

Special Bonuses Available for a Limited Time

Foundations of Shamanism Course Icon

Creating Authentic Ceremonies

We teach you how to create powerful ceremonies (that sell) to share with your community and clients right away.

Private Session With SpiritBird

To use anytime during the course for personal healing or to develop your healing arts business.

Path to Purpose

A deep dive into the Shamanic Archetypes so you can get clear on your purpose and step into ease.

Plus! Special Enrollment Savings for a Limited Time

This old idea that spirituality needs to be suffering and spiritual leaders should be poor has got to go.

"I was on a path of healing deep wounds. I had gone to therapy over the course of years, read many books and consulted with others who loved me, but it still wasn't enough. I still hurt and I still carried deep wounds and triggers. Now, I feel like a new being. I feel like the person I was made to be, whole. I am full of joy, peace, clarity and gratitude. It was worth it because I got my life back. I got the version of myself I searched for, for years. I got the life that I knew I deserved to have."
Spiritual Advisor, Shamanic Practitioner

"What comes up in the lesson is PRECISELY what I needed. I've never experienced so much synchronicity – I finally have my yoga studio and met the love of my life." - Kat

"When I started the course it was based on an intuitive nudge that I needed to be there – This is a turning point I’ll look back on as a pivotal moment in my life." - Stephanie

holton healing arts review

"The Shaman program has truly supported my growth in both my personal and professional life – I learned to stand strong and courageous in my truth and purpose." - Jan


"Shaman School was the best investment I EVER made in myself – I have grown and stretched beyond what I believed I could."

No more people pleasing or hiding behind a stereotype of who you are.







Trust yourself and step into a magical life of joy and abundance.

During my childhood I had interactions with the spirit realms, psychic gifts, and prophetic dreams, but struggled to understand their meaning. Without a clear cultural context of what was happening, I felt lost and confused. 

In 2007 I experienced my first Shamanic training and realized that I unknowingly had shamanic gifts for a long time. I was so enlivened from the practices that I started formally training in Shamanism for my own personal healing.

But for years, even though I knew I was meant to do this work, I still struggled with self-doubt and confidence to use my gifts as a spiritual entrepreneur. 

Through an on-going journey of personal healing, I connected to my higher calling to bring my gifts forward. I now help other spiritually gifted people learn how to master their gifts, heal, and create a thriving spiritual business that aligns with them and truly helps others.

The GROW Method made it possible to go from making a couple hundred dollars a month to a 6-figure business in a year, but more importantly it allowed me to show up in the world in the fullness of who I truly am. 

You too deserve to be seen and loved for who you truly are- and well paid too!

– SpiritBird Holton


You're in the right place if:

You're in the wrong place if:

I received many messages from the divine creator about what my purpose was. I built healthy relationships with family and friends through letting go, excepting people where they're at and most importantly forgiving in my heart. Because of these practices, I have become a better husband, father, and brother, and my Holistic medicine practice has blossomed with ideas and creativity to help serve clients.
Metaphysical Practicioner
The shaman journey work and the shared space and connection with like minded individuals has been a blessing. I had trouble being in my body, sharing my abilities and strengths with others, and claiming my space. I claimed my power and space which has lead to healing wounds that enabled me to fix my relationship with my parents, so that alone was such a gift- also my relationship with my husband and grown kids has gotten much more peaceful since learning from the Shaman healer perspective. I feel fully empowered to claim my space, to share my magic, to hold my boundaries, and I feel whole again.
Life Coach
My experience with Shaman School has been nothing short of transformational. Over the course of the program I’ve deepened into my knowledge of myself and my practice. I feel more free, more open, more creative, more connected, and just plain happier. AND I feel empowered to assist others in making the same changes for themselves. Learning from and working with Holton Healing Arts has been an extraordinary journey and I can’t recommend it enough.
Writer & Creator
When I started the course it was based on an intuitive nudge that I needed to be there, but I was scared and unsure of my gifts plus how in the world was I even going to create a business let alone help anyone?! Each healing session is not created with an exact formula but is more of an art form that I’ve learned from Shaman School and other members of the group. The container that Holton Healing Arts created with the people in this class is one of support, safeness and friendship. In small groups we’ve bared our souls to each other and formed bonds that are a treasured gift. I know taking part in this class is a turning point and something I’ll look back on as a pivotal moment in my life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shamanic training is a lifelong process. Many programs don’t cover this material until 2-3 years in. This program is unique in that we help you find your unique medicine (what you do that no one else does) and learn how to facilitate by walking beside your clients so they are fully part of their own healing experience. It gives your clients incredibly empowering experiences and allows you to work from anywhere.

Yes, this work blends beautifully and powerfully with other practices. Your trust in your intuition and spiritual gifts will make a huge jump, plus you will have direct experience with the material, giving you confidence to know where your clients are and how to guide them to the next stage in their life. Using a blended approach will give you a unique edge in your market.

We all get called to the Shamanic Path for different reasons. For many of us the call is to step into spiritual leadership and elevate our family, community, or business. For others, it is for clarity of purpose and a personal practice. Know that this path can apply to many careers and the wisdom and tools your learn will last a lifetime. This course is worth the self healing alone.

We offer several start times throughout the year. Once you enroll you will receive the recorded training right away and will be invited to join the next closest round of live classes. Seats are limited so it is best to get your application in sooner than later. 

The loving community is one of the best parts! You will have the opportunity to collaborate and share with a small group, so you get hands on experience applying your skills. That’s something you definitely don’t get from a book! The program is flexible because, hey life happens, but  most students look forward to our weekly calls (and even ask to stay after they complete the program). 

This program is virtual, so you can join from anywhere. Although you will find you want to be there live, we all have a so much to coordinate in our lives that many of the calls are recorded, so you can listen when it works for you! That way you don’t have to stress out if something in your life changes.

The program is an intensive designed to help you become a skilled practitioner in a short period of time. Plan for about 3-4 hours a week. You’ll find you love reserving sacred time for yourself each week.

You can apply the knowledge and skills directly to your current career or you will be able to start a Shamanic Healing or coaching practice. You will also receive a certificate of completion and qualify for advanced training opportunities.  

The Shaman School experience is absolutely necessary for a solid foundation for working as a plant medicine practitioner. It is also a game-changer for powerful, well-done, safe ceremony. You can also use this work as a plant medicine integration specialist or a powerful way to integrate your own plant medicine experiences. 

Certifications have never been required or part of Shamanic Healing. Having a certificate does not make someone a healer. That being said, we want to honor the commitment and depth our journeyers go through by offering a certificate for completing the program. To qualify, you must demonstrate an embodiment of the material, complete the recorded content, and attend a minimum of half of the live calls. 

We have a few different program options available depending on your level of experience and personal intention or goal. This is a four-figure investments with payment options available. 

Relationships get stronger as you call in soul family, partnership, and community.

hear about the transformative impact shaman school had on these students' lives:

Video Testimonials

Breaking Core Beliefs

Finding Your Purpose

Healing Yourself

Loving Yourself

Finding Spiritual Partnership and Soul-Led Business


The new earth and a life you love are calling. It is an invitation to gather yourself, step into your soul’s purpose, and be part of a loving community again.

Now, more than ever is the perfect time to join shaman school. 

There’s a sense of restlessness and unease in the world, and many people are searching for deeper meaning and purpose in their lives. 

This is creating a need for more specialized and experienced leaders and guides. 

It can be challenging to navigate these emotions alone, but shamanism offers a path to healing and understanding. 

By learning the ancient practices and techniques of shamanism, you’ll gain a new perspective on the world and yourself. 

You’ll have the opportunity to connect with others who share your desire for spiritual growth and healing, and you’ll be supported by experienced mentors who can guide you on your journey. 

There’s a deep sense of excitement and possibility that comes with embarking on this path, and joining shaman school now is the perfect way to tap into that energy and transform your life.

It’s time to make yourself a priority. Missing out on your true purpose is the biggest disservice to yourself and others.

Don’t let another six months turn into another six years of dreaming about this. 

There are people out there praying for YOU right now, why keep them waiting?

You’ve been initiated for a reason. It is all here for you, you just have to take the first step.