10 Spiritual and Shamanic tools I use every time I stepped into my next level of leadership and business!

how to grow your spiritual business

Are you being called into a higher level of leadership, service, and abundance but keep spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to bring it into your business?

Do you know you have spiritual gifts and an offer that is begging to come out? You know they have meaning, but aren’t quite sure what to do with them?

Deep down you know there is a spiritual leader inside you that is ready to come out of hiding a facilitate powerful healing work.

I remember what it was like to feel the call to offer my work in a bigger way, but felt totally overwhelmed with how to offer my gifts and help people.

I was bogged down by fears like…

What if I do all this work and no one shows up?

    …or people think I’m crazy
    …or I look like I don’t know what I’m doing

What can I do to really nurture and grow my gifts when it seems like they just come and go at random?

How do I bring my work forward in a way that feels good to me but still makes money?

How do I know the next steps to take on my path?

I know these questions well.


But the truth is, you were called to this work because you are the BEST PERSON FOR IT.

You were made to do this and there are simple easy steps you can take to  to grow your spiritual business, move through the fears, and embrace a thriving life and business so you can show up in deeper service and bigger impact.

This is exactly what share with you in my guide, How To Grow Your Business the Spiritual Way.

how to grow your spiritual business

This Guide will show you how to:


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Helping Other

Grow Your Spiritual Gifts

Three ways to start growing your spiritual gifts right now

Align with you Business of Offer

Practices to keep your connected to your higher purpose so you can bring your offer forward with authenticity and integrity Plus! Tips to work through your money story so you can actually receive
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Understand Your Spiritual Journey

Spiritual and shamanic practices to understand your spiritual journey so you can move through your fear and resistance to becoming the highest version of yourself.

Weekly Practices to Align with Your Offer
Carefully crafted questions to help you locate and move through your blocks and get started doing the work you came here to do.

Leadership training

Practices to Align with Your Offer

Carefully crafted questions to help you locate and move through your blocks and get started doing the work you came here to do.

Leadership training

Free Live Workshop

You'll be invited to join free workshops to go over questions, get tips, and spiritual training. 


I am a Shamanic Healer, best selling author, and the founder of Holton Healing Arts. I have 15 years experience creating unique intuitive sessions for her clients. My psychic skills will masterfully guide you through connecting to your own inner knowing so you can heal your past, live with confidence, and integrate spiritual knowing with all aspects of your life. 

I trained with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies while completing my MA in Transformational Leadership. My training includes indigenous wisdom, non native teaching and direct experience.

My approach to Shamanic practice will allow you to step into your confidence in helping others and in navigating spirituality more powerfully.

Through my Shaman School Program you’ll learn the necessary skills to practice and assist others on their journey. 

I have walked many roads in my lifetime, making me a relatable leader who understands the balance of compassion and accountability.

Want to grow your spiritual gifts and step into the next level of spiritual business?