Preventing Entanglement

Spiritual Entanglement

Do you ever find yourself getting caught up in the energies or feelings of others?

In shamanism, there is a core concept regarding soul parts. This means that every one of us has our own beautiful and unique soul.

Ideally, your soul is centered within you, making you stronger, more powerful, and resilient. But this is not a permanent state.  Parts of our souls can leave our bodies for a time, get mixed up with others, or even abandon us altogether. This state is called Soul Loss.

However, another problem can occur in the unseen realms and unconsciously plague us. It’s called Entanglement and it can lead to crossed wires, mixed up dreams, feeling uninspired, and a loss of identity.

We often find ourselves caught up in Entanglement with those we are working closely with toward a common goal. This can sometimes be a coworker but can often manifest in romantic relationships.

When two people have energetic threads aiming at one dream or prospect, it is easy for those threads to get twisted around each other or entangled. This can cause one person to override the other, one person’s vision to be misdirected, or even both people to get caught up in each other’s dreams.

When the situation starts to get muddy and one or both parties lose their sense of self, blockages, confusion, and resentment can easily occur.

When we abandon ourselves and our vision, we are no longer serving the greater good. The clearer we are about who we are and what we want, the better it is for ourselves and everybody else.

The best way to prevent Entanglement is to regularly tune into your unique energy and identify what it is you want. 

To practice this, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Begin to calm your system and bring awareness into your body. Tune into your own unique dream or vision, ignoring all the thoughts that could get in your way or prevent you from having what you desire.

Then, tune into your partner who is also sharing this goal. Imagine that you both have threads coming off of your bodies and moving towards a common goal. Pay close attention to how those threads are interwoven, tangled, or even broken.

With intention, begin to untangle, repair, and clearly distinguish the threads from one another. Once you have them cleaned up, clearly distinctive, repaired, and sparkling, shift your focus back in on your dream and plug your threads directly back into that dream. Then, return the strings to your partner.

This is a very important practice to implement on a daily basis to keep your intentions clear and your energy flowing.

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