Three Tips for Grounding Through The Root Chakra

The purpose of grounding exercises is to deepen our earth connection. The stronger our connection to the earth, the easier it is to hear the dreams and messages it is sharing with us.

A very effective way to ground is to come into our bodies and be present in our Root Chakra.

I wanted to share 3 simple tips to help you bring awareness to your root, clear blocks, increase feelings of support and security and strengthen your earth connection.

Root Chakra

1) Be aware of what is happening.

The root chakra is where our foundation and senses of safety and security live. Being balanced and present within the Root Chakra increases feelings of stability in many aspects of our lives.

The best way to do this is to call your presence into the lowest part of your hips and pay close attention to what it feels like. Once you are aware of the area, start to notice what is going on in there. Are there blocks or cobwebs? Does it feel safe? Make the changes necessary to create balance, openness, and as much safety as possible.

2) Recognize that it can be difficult, and that is ok.

For those of us with sexual trauma, it can be very painful to be present in the Root chakra. Even for those that haven’t had that experience, it can still be challenging. In our society, there is a lot of shame and discomfort around being in our bodies in general.

In Christianity especially, there is a heavy emphasis to rise above human needs and human desires, because being human is bad. There is a lot of undoing that still needs to be done in this area, so it is totally understandable to have difficulties getting into your Root.

3) Explore and connect with what the Root means to you.

There is a lot of material saying what the Root Chakra is, what it means, and what it should feel like. These are helpful to know, but having your own personal exploration around the Root will make you a more powerful healer and practitioner. If you are just reiterating what someone else is saying without having your own personal relationship with your Root, there is not much medicine to be brought forward. Start with your own direct experience and interaction with the Root. Slowly repair old stories and traumas and take the time to breathe into and nurture the lower part of your body.

Connecting with and healing your Root is an ongoing process. Continuing to nurture this part of us will make us more and more powerful. When we can integrate all parts of ourselves and embody wholeness, we are more evolved, and more conscious, we make better decisions, and we can further evolve and heal the world.

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