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Shaman School Origin Story

My Personal Shaman School Origin Story

I wanted to share with you a little about my own vision and how I came to create Shaman School.

I have never been what you call a “conventional” person. Ever since I was young I did what I wanted to. I had unconventional opinions, and choices in clothing and music, and truly embraced the mystery of life. As I got older I had a lot of adventures and met a lot of incredible people. Despite having this amazing life, I felt unfulfilled.

There was nothing wrong on the surface. No matter how hard I tried to be grateful, I couldn’t make the dissatisfaction go away. I knew deep down I had a bigger purpose. I wanted to be a part of something that I truly cared about.

Although I had held the belief that good healers aren’t allowed to call themselves healers, my thinking had begun to shift. I realized that healing others was not only something I wanted to do, it was a part of who I was. I began bringing that part of myself forward despite the fear and stigma around those that call themselves healers.

I was so scared of what other people would think.

  • What if they called me a fraud?
  • Will they think I’m crazy?
  • What if I fail?

I realized all of these fears swimming around were just my subconscious trying to hold me back from the real truth: This is what I’ve been looking for and I am really good at this.

Even though I was scared, I knew I would never be really happy until I answered “yes” to the call.  I slowly started to work with people and offer my work as a healer, at first just reaching clients by word of mouth.  After holding myself back for years, unready to promote me, I began to do my own thing.

I combined my personal life experience with my spiritual knowledge. I started to notice that whenever I did that, I would create experiences that were truly unique, resulting in really powerful results for my clients. I learned that we don’t become good healers by memorizing formulas. Nothing is repeatable. Once we learn how to bring our unique gifts forward and use them to help others, that is how we grow as a collective.

I began thinking if only I could create a space where people with spiritual gifts could explore healing in a way that was down to earth and actually dealt with real-life problems.  There are so many programs out there that offer pre-fabricated techniques. Or you can find yourself piecing different things together. But neither path brings you to true confidence and embodiment as a healer.

I was looking for a way to explore the spiritual realms to deeper understand our personal purpose and spiritual journey. I knew I could weave that understanding into an integrated, embodied, personal style of offering your healing work.

What I really wanted to do is help others find that. That was how Shaman School was born.

I decided to create a program where people could both heal themselves deeply and learn how to be powerful healers at the same. I wanted a place where they could explore their uniqueness and their gifts and get confident in guiding others in a way that wasn’t so formulaic that included the wildcards that we encounter in life.

I knew that in order for this to work, I had to step up and find my own belief in myself.  Through showing up and creating the changes I wanted to see, I have given myself permission to share my gifts, and in turn, offer this to others.

I’m determined to help spiritually gifted people understand how to use their gifts in a unique and powerful way. I want them to step forward and share those gifts with compassion, truth, courage, competence, and grace.

If you are ready to grow your unique gifts and make a bigger impact, you are invited to apply for Shaman School.

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