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Wolf Symbolism spirit Animal

Ever since I was young, I would have wolf dreams. If you’ve worked with me, you know that I teach everything in the dream should be treated as an aspect of self. When I was little, however, wolf dreams were scary! I usually found myself frightened, timid, or seeking escape.

Then, in my late teens, I had another one. In this one, there was a pack of wolves running in the woods toward me. This time, instead of running, I turned toward them. As they drew closer, I began to tremble in fear, but my heart was ready for them. As they drew closer, they began to merge into one. Once it was upon me, I reached out my hand, turned the wolf into a ball, caught it, and rolled it back out to the woods. I didn’t know what it meant, but it felt different than the other dreams. I was enamored.

A few years later, I began a deep study of Shamanism and spiritual leadership. A woman in one of my classes was sharing a dream she had about Cougar trying to get into her house. I found myself asking, did you let it in? It seemed clear to me at the time, that if she was always trying to keep it out, she would experience it always trying to get in. That and I could see this was a power animal of hers, so why wouldn’t she want that in her house?

And then I remembered my wolf dream.

Many people think of power animals (or spirit animals) as animals that are a lot like them. This can be true to an extent, but often they are also our shadow selves. They represent the part of ourselves we either fear having, need to learn from OR DON’T THINK WE ARE.

Wolves are known for many things. They are known for their instincts, their steadiness, and their supernatural power. They are loyal. They embody wildness. They use their body, their voice, and their sharp sense to heal. Wolf had been a shadow to me because, for many years, I feared seeing myself in my power. I knew I was called to be a spiritual leader. I knew I was wildly magical, but I kept it secret. I knew I was a genius healer, but I kept it tucked away under the guise of humility.

I started to work with Wolf in ceremony and journey work and welcomed it into my life. It taught me how to use its howl to call in my power. It taught me how to hold steady my vision when I am floating off the swirl of indecision.

Our relationship continues to grow. I know I still hold some timidness around the wild and mysterious creature, and I love the dance we have of getting to know one another more deeply each year.

If you have been hearing the call from an animal messenger, or perhaps one has been stalking you, stop and listen. It has a teaching for you. Welcome it home.

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