Continuing with part of our manifesting series for empaths, lightworkers, shamans, and energy workers.

We begin by feeling into a desire. Then we work to clear blocks and re-establish beliefs. At last in clarity, we speak to the universe to call in the thing we desire. And then, once we call it in, we surrender.

The ultimate and sometimes most misunderstood act in manifesting is surrender itself. The distinction I would like to make here is that surrender is about rest and TRUST versus letting go or waiting for the universe to decide for you.

But there is some letting go that is part of the process. It is not to let go of what you want, but to let go of what you think the thing is going to do for you. You don’t have to actually surrender the vision or pretend to no longer have the desire, but rather, surrender the thinking that says when I have this, then I can have that. If you find yourself saying that, you need to take another sweep through and get deeper and more clear about what it is that you actually want. For example, what is the problem you think the thing will fix? Go for the root of that instead of the symptom. We easily get miseld into thinking there is a finish line, but really this is a process. A relationship with the universe playing out in a cycle.

Letting go of outcomes allows us to rest in a place between manifest and nonmanifest reality. When we do this, we create a pathway for the thing to land, otherwise, our need to control blocks the path. The way we imagine getting it and the way to have the deepest experience might be different. Remember that while we are working on creating our own reality, that reality inevitably interacts with others and their reality. We can feel what our desire is; we can believe it is already so, but we do not know what it will look like when it manifests into our vibration. That is one of the mysteries of the universe. To cling too tightly to our desires means there is room for more trust.

A teacher of mine once shared, “The heart doesn’t do or think, it allows.”

It is not that you surrender by checking out but surrender by resting into the flow. Give yourself time in space to melt into the essence of flow, of the universe, of god.

As Rinpoche says:

Effort is the exit

Resting is the Door

Rest in your work and life.

Things that give joy can also take it away.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. And if you desire to dive deeper with me. Happy manifesting my loves.

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