Manifesting Series for Energy Workers: Compassionate Manifesting

Continuing with part of our manifesting series for empaths, lightworkers, shamans, and energy workers.

Let’s reduce the stages of human development to their most basic form. You have infancy or emergence. You have a childhood in which you play, explore, try things on and begin to develop your ego function. You have early adulthood in which you align with your identity and your ego. Ego development is so essential. Without it, you wouldn’t feel safe. You also wouldn’t get to know wholeness. The ego breaks things up into boxes, black, and white. It might seem that it keeps us separate, but it actually contributes to our wholeness and connection. Without experiencing separation, we would not know the connection. This is the process of differentiation and integration. The cycle of separating, creating change, and coming back as a new whole.

Somewhere between early and late adulthood, after you develop a healthy ego, you start to move beyond it. People with underdeveloped egos suffer from denial. Those with overdeveloped egos suffer from selfishness.

When we engage in healthy ego development, we reach an age where we are ready to move on to the next thing. That next thing is contribution.

“It seems the stronger our desire to change the world is, the more illusive our power becomes. The more we move into a state of consciousness where we know we can change the world, the less is our desire to do so. ”

— Gregg Braden

Here the boundary blurs. The best way to contribute is to become your fully individuated unique self. This is when we often get big signals from our higher self about the path we ought to take; it is where our higher purpose drives us. This is the point that we get to deeply understand that we have a unique genius to offer the world and the world deeply needs that contribution.

The universe is a holographic mirror.

The great community goes through the same stages that an individual goes through. It is an emergent infant, followed by childhood, fumbling around and figuring things out. For centuries civilization has been developing its ego, creating separations, and working for itself. With a fully developed ego, it is now time to move towards collaboration. Our boundaries are getting thinner and we can all feel it. We are moving closer together. Everything is moving closer together.

It has long been my belief that when you are in alignment with yourself when you are in your center, your needs and the needs of the community match. Your needs might be to take care of your family and the community needs might be your exact plumbing specialty. Your needs might be to tinker around in the garden, the community needs more efficient composting. Your need might be to share your magic, the community needs to remember it’s magic.

This brings us to the concept of dependent co-arising. No thing arises on its own; everything is interdependent. If I want to see the world evolve, I must evolve. It is not that one action happens before the other, but that they arise together.

Take the step and you will be met.

In manifesting work, infancy is mindlessly creating. Childhood is noticing your role in creating your experience, and getting curious. Early adulthood is for active practice. It is for creating and allowing yourself to fill up with your own power, and then we realize that manifesting is not about landing the job or getting a certain amount of money or finding love but coming into alignment with the bigger picture. It is about stepping into your role in the great community.

I call this compassionate manifesting. Dreams are more powerful when they are shared.

This week check in with what you are manifesting. What stage are you at? What is important here is not to be at a certain stage, but to  KNOW WHAT STAGE YOU ARE AT. Seeing the bigger picture of your work and goals will help the universe respond to your needs. If you are truly in alignment, then what you are manifesting is EXACTLY what the universe needs too. Be careful here not to pass judgment on your goals. Maybe it is money or love or safety, that is actually great. I want to feel safe and nourished and loved and I want the same for you. But remember that none of these things happen on their own or first.

Your need to be loved is fulfilled by you sharing your genius and your genius is shared when you are loved.

Your need for money is fulfilled by feeling at home in the world, and feeling at home in the world happens when you have money to nourish yourself.

The world is ready to wake up anew and when you open your eyes the world does too.

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