Manifesting Series for Energy Workers: Getting Practical with Goal Setting

We are going to make a switch this week to some more practical aspects of goal setting. But first, I want to talk a little about vision. Vision is the gift we have as humans to see the future. Although some people fulfill the role of visionaries of the collective, we are all the visionaries of our lives.

When we have a vision, when we have a dream we are literally seeing the future or at least a possibility that we can choose to engage in or not. We know we have what it takes to satisfy this vision or we wouldn’t have the desire to pursue it.

Here is where goal setting can get really helpful. You have the vision. You have the belief in your body. You’ve done the work to clear blocks that distort the belief. Now it is time to take the first step on the ladder.

One of the greatest setbacks in manifesting work is to jump too far too fast in ways you haven’t really fostered belief yet. We do this as a self-sabotaging act. Or if you take too small of a step, you could also negate belief by undercutting the challenge, so to speak.

So what we are looking for in goal setting here is the sweet spot between expansion into belief without overshooting it and you build from there. Let small goals build big beliefs.

With all of this buildup, we have reached the week where it is time to hone in on your goal. If you have been playing around with affirmations and intention setting, take a look at what is the next best step to take to move towards your larger goal.

Then ask yourself these questions:

Is the goal means to me? If not, how can I attach more meaning here?

Where are you most likely to fail? How can you adjust that?

Where in my goal can I expect some room for improvement? Having this built-in ahead of time takes a lot of pressure off.

Who can I tell my goal to who will be genuinely supportive?  Is there a group of people even?

This week we move from playing with affirmations to actual goal setting. Write it down on paper, write a plan and a 6-month, 1-year, and 5-year description of where you will be. Tell some friends what you are working on. It is time to name it and claim.

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