How to Connect with Spirit Guides

What does it feel like to know new teaching is coming?

Whispers. Whispers in my body. I feel a subtle pulse in my veins. Barley detectable at first. A feeling that says I know something new is emerging. A newness in me I hadn’t noticed before. I know this feeling well. I know what it feels like to step into a new chapter of Knowing. Since intellectual ideas reach only the surface level, tuning into metaphor and symbolism in our everyday life can help our knowing reach deeper places.

Every moment is a miracle. As we learn to see more connections in those moments, we grow our sense of purpose and love.

Often, I interpret the cycles within my life through the shamanic lens of the related animal spirit. It is through my relationship with that spirit that I gain insight and guidance on what to do and what I am growing into. In a way, I pull a part of myself out to have a look at it, gain a deeper understanding and then re-integrate the learned information to transform myself.

I wonder what spirit will be revealed through me this round.

What does it feel like to know a new spirit or teaching is coming? When spirit enters my life, it is usually a slow emerging. It begins with prepping me for its appearance. It drops a hint here or there and I make a little space in my system. I probably missed earlier signals, but once I do notice, the signals increase. When spirit finally and firmly reveals itself to me, I stand in awe, now knowing who has come here to work with me. It is then, that I can look back into the past and awaken to the subtle ways it has been calling me forward.

The future surely informs the past.

I’ve been preparing myself to welcome White Eagle into my life. She has been around me. Whispering into my being, creating space for her landing. I don’t know what will come of our knowing each other, but I know I am willing.

There is no hierarchy of power, and yet, White Eagle feels like big energy to me.

It began a few weeks ago. I noticed it first in the back of my mind. I could have easily ignored it, dismissing it as a random thought. Next Eagle came through a colleague who knew nothing of my vision but knew to name it. That was all I needed to amplify the messages.

Then Eagle began to visit in the 3D reality. I spotted her several times, flying through the sky during deep moments of knowing.

Around the same time, I noticed a layer around my heart that kept me separated from my work and from my heart itself. A shame baby you might say, that I was holding close to my heart.

When we work on addressing and moving through our traumas, the process is: to recognize a pattern, locate the story that is triggering that problem, work to become mindful of when we are reacting to that story, and then we have to have an experience. Often the event triggers avoiding a feeling, and so the work is to allow yourself to experience what you are avoiding. That’s when you can actually release it. This is moving THRU a problem, versus around it. You come out the other side transformed.

In this round of healing for me, it was time to feel the judgment that created the shame baby. It was time to know why I created that shame. Then, it was time to let it go. Sometimes when we carry around a piece of pain for that long, it feels like it is part of us, so letting it go can be painful, even when we are ready.

That is when I saw White Eagle again and knew that it could help me.

Days later I was processing this piece and called on White Eagle for its help to take my shame upwards towards the sky to hand it over to the universe. I learned it was this piece that needed to be emptied so I could make room for White Eagle in me.

In the process of re-birthing myself, I merged with White Eagle and now the mystery of her spirit is unfolding in me.

A great deal of underlying symbolism exists for me here. For instance, Eagle is said to fly in an upward spiral until it passes through a hole in the sky (where it took my shame). She also assists with rediscovering our lost child (who I was judging) and assisting with the new birth (which I had just experienced).

In his book, Animal Speak, Ted Andrews says, “accepting Eagle is to accept a new dimension in life and heightened responsibility for spiritual growth.” He goes on to say, in doing so, one must, “learn how to move between worlds, touch all life with healing and become the mediator and bearer of new creative force in the world.” Yes. That is exactly where I am in my cycle. That is a powerful affirmation.

Now that I have an awareness of her and context for why she was in my psyche, I can use that information to help project me into a new vibration, a new way of being, or if nothing else a way of processing what I am experiencing through metaphor.

Somehow I can not help but feel as I prepare to receive and deliver her, she will do the same for me. When Eagles mate, they frolic and spin in a falling bullet down to earth. White Eagle, I hear you. I hear your call. May you gently teach me. May I be the vessel you seek.

I wonder what spirit is whispering you forward.

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