Starseeds and Shamanism: A Cosmic Remembering

Have you ever heard the term “Starseeds”?

Maybe you’ve encountered it in conversations or even questioned whether you are one yourself.

Today, we will delve into the world of Starseeds, exploring their meaning and intersection with shamanism.

Through three captivating stories, we will uncover the galactic nature of our being and discuss how to integrate this knowledge into our lives in a way that is beneficial rather than bewildering or frustrating.


Understanding Starseeds

At its core, the concept of Starseeds suggests that humans originated from other planets, carrying within us the essence and wisdom of these celestial realms.

While the idea may be simplified as individuals who remember their extraterrestrial origins, it goes beyond that.

Starseeds are believed to have a specific purpose in influencing Gaia and humanity.

However, it’s essential to approach this belief with a nuanced perspective, recognizing that it holds both truth and symbolic significance.


Navigating the Awakening

One can experience various emotions and responses upon awakening to our galactic nature.

It may initially be disorienting, leading to frustration or a sense of confinement on Earth.

However, avoiding falling into the trap of perceiving oneself as superior or more important than others is crucial.

Everyone is a Starseed, but not everyone remembers or fully taps into their cosmic connection.

Embracing this understanding can foster a sense of unity and shared purpose.


Story 1: Channeling and Galactic Interactions

In this story, a client, Sam, shares her fascination with extraterrestrial experiences and seeks guidance to develop her own spiritual gifts.

Unexpectedly, her tween daughter begins channeling an extraterrestrial entity, leaving Sam both excited and concerned.

Seeking clarity, she reaches out for assistance.

Through a guided journey, she and I located the beings her daughter channels and engaged in a conversation.

Ultimately, we discovered that the communication between the beings and Sam’s daughter is meant solely for them.

The beings were merely communicating and instructing Sam’s daughter through a connected channel and didn’t mean any harm.


Story 2: Learning from Galactic Energies

The second story takes place during an Ayahuasca journey, where I was gifted with the ability to locate specific star people energetically.

Using a form of galactic language, I was able to accurately put into words the diversity and unity among galactic races.

This language serves as a conduit for expressing the vastness of my knowledge.

The story also highlights the significance of connecting deeply with one’s core to tap into authentic voice and understanding.


Story 3: Surrendering to Galactic Encounters

The final story is about a dream.

In this dream, I encountered a cluster of stars that came down to Earth and pinned me and a friend to the ground.

Although initially terrified, I found solace in surrendering to the experience.

This surrender allowed me to transcend the confines of the encounter and help my friend do the same.

The dream suggests that galactic beings may choose alternative means of interaction, such as dreams or altered states of consciousness, to gradually acclimate us to their presence.


Embracing Humanity

In closing, if you resonate with being a Starseed, remember that your mission is not to distance yourself from your humanity but to embrace it more fully. Your purpose is to bridge the gap between your galactic knowledge and the 3D world we inhabit.

It is natural to seek support as you navigate the confusion and challenges of finding your place and expressing your unique gifts.

The overwhelming information you carry and the fear of your own power may tempt you to confine yourself within self-imposed limitations.

However, it is vital to recognize that these limitations are not the truth; they are merely safety mechanisms.

Your task is to find safety within the constructs of the 3D reality, not to deny the existence of your galactic being, but to bring it forth into this world.

This is how you deliver the teachings and lessons you have learned from the star beings, and it is how you fulfill your purpose.

If you require support on this transformative journey, I am here to assist you in any way I can.

Remember, being on Earth is not a punishment; it is an opportunity for you to share your precious gift with the world.

Embrace your unique role, find your place within the 3D reality, and let your light shine brightly as you fulfill your divine mission.

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