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Exploring the Parallel Paths of Shamanic Journey and Psychedelics

If you are interested in shamanism, psychedelics, or exploring spiritual growth and wisdom, you may have come across the concept of a shamanic journey.

I want to delve deeper into what it means and how it can be incredibly beneficial.

When I first learned how to embark on shamanic journeys, I realized that I had unknowingly been doing it for a long time, stemming from my meditation practice.

Often, during meditation, I would naturally enter a state of journeying without even realizing it. This suggests that journeying is a natural part of being human and not an exclusive ability reserved for a select few.

Many elements of shamanism and shamanic abilities are accessible to everyone.

They are innate and inherent within us as humans, even if we have been disconnected from nature for an extended period.


The Benefits of Learning Shamanic Journey

I have been traversing the parallel paths of shamanism and psychedelics for a while.

As a young person, I dabbled in psychedelics, initially attracted by the party culture.

Eventually, I stumbled upon psychedelic journeying, which shares similarities with shamanic journeying.

Although there are differences between the two, the underlying process remains the same.

This is why I believe that learning how to shamanic journey before engaging in psychedelics can significantly enhance and facilitate your experience.

Understanding the journey process can help you better process the profound insights gained.

During my exploration, I independently worked with psychedelics, gradually discovering intentional and mindful approaches to their use.

At that time, I was unaware of the role of facilitators or the possibility of guiding others through these experiences.

My focus was primarily on personal healing and expanding consciousness.

Eventually, I shifted my attention to shamanism while acknowledging that we inherently possess access to the cosmic world and spiritual beings.

The psychedelics had helped me ground myself in my physical existence, making me realize that relying on external substances felt like a shortcut.

I began to understand that we can have similar experiences without needing external aids.

This realization propelled me deeper into shamanic journeying.


Shamanic Journey: A How-To Guide

Generally, a shamanic journey differs from meditation in that it involves setting an intention and following one’s awareness, and paying attention to signs and information that present themselves.

Unlike meditation, where one observes thoughts passing by, during a journey, you actively follow these trails and explore where they lead.

There are specific practices and techniques for safe and effective journeying, which you can learn more about by downloading my free guide from my website or social media channels.

The journey begins with preparations, creating a safe and conducive environment.

Traditionally, preparation involves singing, dancing, or engaging in activities that help ground yourself in your body and establish a connection with your intention.

Your intention could be seeking healing, gaining insights, finding safe passage, or exploring consciousness.

Once prepared, you embark on the journey, connecting with the spirit realms, where you may encounter spiritual beings who guide you and provide transformative experiences.

Returning from a journey, you integrate the newfound understanding or perspective into your life.

Shamanic journeying often involves the use of a drum, which holds significance in shamanic practices.

The drum’s rhythmic beats align us with the heartbeat of the Earth, facilitating connections with the spirit realms.

Scientifically, the monotonous beat of the drum aids in accessing an intuitive and dreamy state of consciousness, where we receive information intuitively, bypassing the rational mind.

However, it’s important to note that a shamanic journey can be undertaken without a drum, using simple tools like sticks or even solely relying on one’s heartbeats.

As you gain experience and proficiency, you will be able to access the desired state more effortlessly and swiftly.

Once you become adept at shamanic journeying, you will notice shifts in your interaction with life.

You will naturally engage with the world differently, tapping into a heightened awareness of how life and spirit communicate with you regularly.

This deepened connection enables you to decipher life’s messages and support, allowing you to navigate your path more effectively.


Psychedelic Journey

Returning to psychedelics, my personal journey involved intermittent periods of exploration, both with and without their use.

There was a time when I refrained from psychedelics for years after a negative experience.

However, a strong inner calling later prompted me to revisit them, specifically the plant medicine Ayahuasca.

I recognized the significance of approaching it with respect and proper guidance.

This led me to undergo training to become a facilitator, connecting me with a community of individuals who used psychedelics for personal growth and healing.

This was when I discovered that people referred to these experiences as “journeys” as well.

It fascinated me that the same term applied to traditional shamanic drum journeys and psychedelic experiences.

How these plants interact with our consciousness aligns with the principles of shamanic journeying.

Consequently, combining shamanic journeying and psychedelic experiences can be tremendously powerful.

Understanding how to navigate a journey with the aid of a drum or similar methods can offer valuable support and preparation.

It also allows for ongoing healing work between plant medicine ceremonies.


A Powerful Tool For Exploration

In conclusion, whether you are interested in shamanism, psychedelics, or spiritual growth, the practice of shamanic journeying holds immense potential.

It serves as a powerful tool for exploring realms of consciousness, connecting with spiritual beings, and gaining transformative insights.

By aligning yourself with the heartbeat of the Earth, you tap into intuitive states of awareness that transcend the limitations of the rational mind.

Shamanic journeying is a natural and innate ability that we all possess as humans.

It provides a profound way to interact with life and receive guidance on our healing journeys.

Combined with intentional psychedelic experiences, it deepens our understanding of consciousness and amplifies the benefits of both practices.

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