The Emptying: A Winter Ritual

Let us empty ourselves. Listening to the flow of life leads to the path of least resistance. Resistance is a human invention, it is the act of asserting will. We created it so we could understand how to feel the flow and let go.

Sometimes flow has us working hard. Acutely conscious of where we are and where we are going, we step in to take control. While it is true that we have to do the work, we also have to listen to commands from the universe. This is nothing new in human history. We have been responding to signs from the universe and listening to what God wants us to do for centuries, perhaps since the beginning of human time.

Now we approach the end of the year. We begin rushing to evaluate if we did what we said we would do, checking in on our progress this year. We are running around preparing for the holidays too, finishing school, practicing conversations with relatives in our heads, and cooking extravagantly. We rush to the future to figure out who we will be next year.

I too am finding myself in this rush to the end. The need to make something of what has been. In the world of self-growth, there is always something that needs tending, that can be done.

Yet, at this time of rushing and changing and doing, I am called to a great emptying out. It might feel like purging, it might feel like letting go of what no longer serves you, and it might even mean releasing things you wanted to keep. To me, it feels like lightening the load and creating more space. But instead of creating space and rushing to fill it, my soul desires to create more space and let it be silent. Let it be still.

In my dream last night, I bounced around from place to place that held something I kept there. I cleansed in the ocean, I found trunks of old stuff, memories, and things I clung to and emptied them out. I lightened the load from all corners of my being.

It is time now, to quiet down, to cozy up to oneself, and allow a great emptying. Know that there is no thing to do. It is already done. Shall we instead make room to celebrate? Without the need to evaluate our progress, our victories, or shortcomings, perhaps we can simply celebrate that it is already done, celebrate the space we made and let others come and go in that space with joy and nonattachment. Let us celebrate our safety and relax and enjoy.

In the center of our being, may we set the things we’ve collected off in a blaze of fire. May we burn it down and be left with stillness. Take a breath. It is done.

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