Fox Medicine and Finish Lines: Feminine Ways

Fox visited me in my dream last night. She sneaked into my cabin and gave me a  little love nip on the arm and cuddled up beside me and my partner. I journeyed to her in the morning to ask more about our visit. Into her den, she led me to her kits. Six were there, now one is in me. Dear mother fox, how can I possibly show my gratitude to you? She gave me one of her cubs to eat and I honored her wish.

Fox Medicine

Fox has lore and stories in nearly every culture. She reigns in the in-between places, between day and night, forest and field, this world and others. She teaches us how to blend in, how to hear, listen, see and smell with great skill. She is a symbol of creation, of feminine energy, and of the kundalini spirit.

Fox had several teachings specific to me, but for now, I am more interested in the larger teaching. Later in my dream, I spoke of the snake in me. More and more the people around me too spoke of the snake in them. She is awakening in mass.

I’m becoming more aware of the difference between womb wisdom in the sense of creation, and womb wisdom in its way of knowing. I don’t have all the articulates yet, but I am listening. We are still so embedded in the masculine way of doing, approach the idea of creating and birthing from the way of the masculine. We say the womb is the same as birth is the same as creation, and shrink it down to a straight line. We think creation comes from yoni’s wisdom and then interferes and controls its direction. We rush to the finish line. Salvation surely must lie there.

Fox, what have you to say? Among the numerous messages and teachings, I find most intriguing the way she disguises herself while hunting, especially when she uses herself as the decoy. She jumps into the open, frolicking and twisting and making a scene of herself, all the while getting closer to her prey. The prey, so entranced by the spectacle doesn’t know Fox is getting closer. The prey doesn’t run away because it is not being chased. It might appear that Fox is playing a trick, it looks like chaos and in some ways it is true. Yet, the gift that she is teaching us is really to dance. We sometimes have such intense focus on our goals and what we want to achieve that it actually stifles our progress. Worse yet, we might forget that the act of growing and expanding is a cycle. It is not linear. The feminine approach to creation reminds us of this.

What you want, what your goals and visions are is not a thing above or out in front of you that you chase or ascend to. It is a simultaneous act of going towards it and allowing it to come towards you. To dance towards your vision is to claim your intention and allow it to unfold. Enjoy the work and the play. Creation is an act and it is a feeling too. Perhaps you might invite some balance into the goals you have set for your new year.

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