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Use Your Voice: How to connect with others during a spiritual awakening

Diana Leeder, founder of Find Your Voice, shares her experience of learning to connect with others during her spiritual awakening and spiritual journey:

I’m a practical woman, always have been. 

In my coaching practice and in my own life (because the beliefs of the two are never really separate), when deciding to use any helping concept, I consider the following…

If my next-door neighbor doesn’t get it, I need to change it up so they do. 

It was a personal conviction that spoke to me about equality and accessibility. My message is that none of us can experience the life we want if we’re not using our voices to ask for it. And I wanted nothing, aside from someone’s personal choice, to get in the way of people learning how to use their voice to get what they want and live an amazing time doing it.

That conviction became somewhat harder to hold space for as I started my spiritual journey. There are plenty of people into spirituality in our human world, but there are also plenty of people who have not found the goodness of spirituality or chose not to embrace it. I have both in my personal and professional communities.

Spiritual or not, all humans get “stuck” in the muck of the human sauce and its human-created influences at some point. That’s where they learn that being silenced is safer at times than using their voices to express their needs, wants and desires. But it doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t understand spirituality, is unaware of a spiritual connection, or simply has no interest, our safety lies in finding and using our voices.

Honestly, I felt my own voice challenged as I grew and evolved spiritually. How do I stay true to myself and my need to express this goodness to both spiritual and non-spiritual clients or friends, where the healing concepts, the language, and many of the practices are different? How do I bring those mind-blowing spiritual concepts and learnings into my programs without dividing the communities, where my clients would need to pick one grouping over another? How do I maintain the practicality and ease of any practice I share?

Before my spiritual journey began, I created practical programs and teachings that helped my clients learn a specific path to using their own voices. I now see that was part of my spiritual journey too, but that’s another story. Thank you, Spirit!

Practically speaking, finding our voices takes us embracing and applying 3 basic concepts. First, we take full responsibility for our experiences going forward and look inside of ourselves for our answers instead of looking outside. Second, we learn about who we really are so we know what to express when we use our voices. Third, we base all our decisions on what we know to be true about ourselves, creating self-aligned experiences and using our voices to make them happen. Through all that, we get to experience the joy and bliss of our choosing.

That’s the practical path that in my mind had no relationship to spirituality. But as I continued to dive deeply into my own awareness of how to be true to myself and serve both communities of clients, something else showed up for me.

All Spirit asks of us is to have the best possible life on earth we can. To feel good. To feel joy. To feel bliss and all that other amazing stuff!

Any guidance I have ever witnessed, channeled, or received has always been an effort to support us to have those best lives and to use our voices to make that happen.

Think about it, we don’t get suggestions about how to play better in the human sauce using our trauma, drama, blame and shame game. We get reminders of where we can heal, where we can grow, how we can receive the discomfort from being misaligned with ourselves, and where we can strengthen our resolve to use our own voices to get our needs met. 

Why? Because what we don’t ask for, we don’t get. Knowing what we truly and deeply need, and using our voices to express those needs, means that we get those same needs met. From there we can have experiences that not only feel good to us but are in alignment with our soul. 

Happiness, joy, and bliss don’t come from misalignment or engaging in behaviors that we don’t resonate with. We feel good when we make choices that fully work for us because we’re voicing our own needs and experiencing their fulfillment. Good raises our vibration and the planet’s vibration too.

Spirit knows that we need to be aligned with our souls to be happy, healthy, wealthy and abundant in all ways. Spirit knows that voice is our strongest, clearest tool of self-expression and that we don’t get what we want until we ask or even demand it. And through us, as we have the good lives we crave, Spirit can actually experience life on earth.

There really is no separation between the practical and the spiritual. When the goal is to simply feel good, Spirit isn’t in one corner wearing a white robe and my neighbor in the other corner wearing plaid pajamas. They’re hanging out together, probably both in white robes. 🙂 

I’m still a practical woman. I still want to find the practical path to healing and full-out-loud voices for any human I come in contact with. 

I just no longer need to look for the practical in a different place than the spiritual, since they both reside together.

With much love and a very loud voice, 

Dianna xo

Dianna Leeder CPCC, is an intuitive coach and mentor, lead author of the international best-selling, award-winning books Find Your Voice, Save Your Life, is an expert at helping you find and use your voice. Supporting individuals, holistic practitioners, and joy-bringers, Dianna is healing the planet, one voice at a time. Connect at [email protected]

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