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Spiritual Entrepreneurship and Psychedelics

The healer’s path of spiritual entrepreneurship involves navigating unforeseen routes and encountering unconventional revelations. For Kaira Mayestra of Somastery, it was the fusion of somatic therapy, drawn from profound experiences working with plant medicines.

This branch of somatic therapy, rooted in observations of ayahuasca and DMT, diverges from conventional methods. It delves into five channels of awareness, the avenues through which one experiences reality. Let’s delve deeper.

Somatic Therapy and Somastery

Imagine the mind channel as your realm of words and correlations, a canvas for creative expression. Visualization, sound, touch, taste—these tools form the palette of your mind. Then, there’s the posture channel, a silent yet constant expression of physicality, often unnoticed but omnipresent. The lower body sensations channel houses emotions, body posture, and sensations.

Within therapy, practitioners guide individuals through these channels, unlocking the body’s innate healing capacity, and unraveling stuck survival energies. This practice becomes an energetic science focused on the nervous system, merging spirituality with observable mammalian phenomena.

For many healers, such profound discoveries aren’t coincidental; they stem from a quest for personal healing. Trauma and complex PTSD symptoms compel individuals to seek solutions beyond conventional methods. Kaira’s journey led her through diverse modalities, unexpectedly guiding her toward somatic therapy.

Psychedelics and Plant Medicine: Master Teachers

Plant medicines served as gateways, revealing profound connections and therapeutic possibilities. Kaira’s initial skepticism evolved into fascination as she witnessed their transformative power—an intersection of spirituality and science, derived from sober observations of psychedelic experiences. This convergence formed the foundation of a unique therapeutic approach, rooted in ancient wisdom and scientifically informed practices.

Similarly, SpiritBird Holton, founder of Shaman School certification, amalgamated her work with psychedelics with shamanic healing practices. Her journey unfolded into realizing her inherent power as a shaman and spiritual guide. In the process of creating her spiritual business, she stumbled upon a method to help others develop their gifts and get clarity on their higher purpose. This process led her to identify her unique spiritual gifts, heal herself, grow a spiritual business helping others, and step into wisdom, wealth, and leadership. It’s the same method she teaches in her Shamanic Healer Certification program.

Spiritual Entrepreneurship and Psychedelics

Kaira’s venture into entrepreneurship wasn’t solely a business endeavor; it encapsulated integrated experiences and insights. Healing trauma awakened a yearning for financial freedom, driving her to explore the realms of somatic therapy and entrepreneurship. Five years into this transformative journey, she’s cultivated a thriving business teaching somatic therapy—a pursuit rooted in her belief in holistic transformation.

A fundamental lesson emerges from this journey—authenticity. Kaira’s truth about her pain, desires, and experiences unveiled the most magical moments. Amidst this voyage was a spiritual awakening atop a mountain in Costa Rica—a surreal yet pivotal moment reverberating within her to this day.

In sharing these experiences, a demystification of the extraordinary occurs, fostering authenticity in our spiritual journeys. Profound experiences often remain locked within, hindered by fear or disbelief. Yet, embracing authenticity unlocks the potential for profound transformations.

This expedition isn’t merely about spiritual encounters; it’s about integrating all facets of oneself—pain, joy, desire, and fear. It’s about reclaiming personal authority and recognizing that true power arises from embracing the entirety of one’s being.

The fusion of spiritual entrepreneurship with psychedelics extends beyond exploration; it’s an invitation to embrace one’s authentic self. It unveils the potential for healing, growth, and transformation—an empowerment to reclaim narratives and delve into the depths of personal experiences.

You can listen to the full story on Leading With Spirit [Episode #82]:

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