Five Tips to be a Next Level Healer

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Being a healer requires constant refinement. Whether you already work as a healer, want to become a Shaman, or just like learning ways to make the world a better place, there are 5 fundamentals to being a next-level healer.

1. Listen with your heart

It is said you aren’t really listening if you are just waiting to respond. Healing work isn’t telling people what to do or what they are doing wrong, it is hearing what is below the surface of what they say. It is feeling what they are feeling, locating it in their body, and helping to turn them towards that so they can look at it themselves. The most powerful work doesn’t come from a plan or formula but from full presence.

2. Get comfortable with discomfort

One of the hardest things for most healers- heck for most people!- is to see someone who needs help and not immediately run to the rescue. Yes, we do need to help one another, but the job of the healer is to help someone who feels down remember how to stand up. If you try to prop them up yourself, now you are both stuck and there is no real growth. Instead, aim to hold yourself as an example. With care and compassion, invite others to join you there.

3. Go ahead and look

Our biggest blocks appear when we are closest to a breakthrough. The reason we get stuck is that we don’t want to face the fear. As humans, we were actually created to stand in the face of everything beautiful and horrible and be a witness. We can’t move through fear if we never look at it. This means your client needs to turn toward the thing they have been avoiding. Take a look and be willing to see what is hidden in the cracks. What are they working really hard to cover-up?

4. Trust your intuition

Your intuition has always guided you, but there are still doubts sometimes. The biggest part of the healer’s journey is diving into deep self-trust. Things might not make sense, but the more you listen and find that your inner knowing is guiding you in the right direction, the more you will build trust in it and that means the more clarity you can bring to those you are helping.

5. Stand your boundaries

To see someone suffering and not take on the suffering of that person is a challenge for many healers and empaths. When we do this, it is easy to want to “nice things over” so no one has to feel bad anymore. Good healers aren’t just love and light, they are shadow, fire, wind, and stone. Know where your boundary ends and where another begins, so you can stay in your own energy and be a clear, confident guide.

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