Being a Conduit of the Cosmos

Meditation is a popular approach to spiritual growth. I love meditation. It is also a very masculine way to do spirituality. Sit in silence and stillness for hours until you rise above the earthly illusion. The wild feminine, on the other hand, looks more like uninhibited singing, dancing, and deep devotion. Form and flow. Instead of trying to rise above earthly desires, we overcome the illusion that following the heart is unsafe.

Inevitably, when you play with prayer and meditation, you will realize your innate ability to channel information, messages, or spirits. It might look like hearing messages from God, or it might involve bringing in very specific spirits for very specific purposes. For channels or empaths, it is easy to “open the channel” to feel like moving out of the way and letting the energy take over. In some ways, you are stepping aside to let the information through. We let the divine in-form us. But it is the ego that needs to move out of the way, not the self entirely. Even when we merge completely with a spirit, we still have control over ourselves and awareness. It feels like we are being overtaken but we are actually surrendering to being ourselves. This is true of emotions, too. Even when we are “overtaken” by worry, love, or grief, we are ultimately in control of what we let in and how it moves through us.  Often we bring in worry or fear so we can avoid being who we really are. With the fear of being who we are out of the way, we can let our body do what it knows how to do. It heals; it loves; it gets better at expressing the beauty of the universe.

I recently went to a Kundalini Yoga class. This style is something I really enjoy. In this practice, you are inducing a trance state through repetitive motion and breathwork. It is a method to get into the body and open the channels to information. The little experience I have with Kundalini yoga looks like a beautiful combination of building up energy and then surrendering to it. Like ecstatic dance, you move energy through the body, eventually surrendering to the movement and the flow. In Kundalini, you do so within the form and structure of poses, posture, and pattern. Build the energy, and surrender to stillness. Eventually which part is masculine and which part is feminine becomes unclear and you become the dance instead.

The gentle reminder of Kundalini Yoga is to stay in the body. In the process, you are gathering energy around the base of the spine and moving it up through you, creating a vortex that opens up at the crown. Once this occurs, you can project your consciousness into higher realms.

Enter the light bath.

This joyous and divine energy soothes and inspires. When it opens up above, I melt into it. It feels like home and I want to stay in it. But this is just part of the process. Opening that channel, (or becoming aware of your access to the channel) is the first step, but the goal is to open the third eye and crown and bring it down to earth, not go there and stay there. Thread the need of the self from the divine light and bring it back down to the ground of our being. Project your consciousness to higher realms of expansion and return home.

I spent many years in the trap that we were supposed to rise above our earthly ways. To choose meditation to escape the things on earth that I perceived as “bad.” Yes, sit in silence and stillness for hours until you rise above earthly illusion and then bring your expanded awareness back down with you. Yes, cultivate your relationship with God, and then bring it back right where you are as uninhibited love and charity. Thread the needle, create the circle, and close the loop.

In turn, we move to concentrate this energy in the center of our being. And what a great metaphor for the rest of life. We can become so focused on our goal of perfection, or being awakened, being connected to God, or being not that which we identify as lower vibration, that we forget we are the bridges connecting the heavens to the earth. We forget to close the loop.

People who experience an awakening, Kundalini or otherwise, are sometimes described by others as going off the deep end. To others, it might look like they are going crazy. Things that were once important no longer matter and vice versa. The awakening isn’t that they have been overtaken by some outside force, but rather they are re-orienting to the heart.

It feels scary to come out of our heads and down into our hearts, but then, it also feels like coming home.

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