Manifesting Series for Energy Workers: Intention and Affirmation

When you decide that you want something, and feel the excitement in your body, then it is time to speak it to the universe.

Affirmations in manifesting work is widely popular right now, but I’ve always had a major problem with affirmations. Telling myself something over and over again and waiting to see when I believe it only goes so far. I do think there is a place for optimism in this work, but to tell yourself something you want to believe if you know deep down that you just don’t, will just waste your time.

There is also a tendency to know exactly what we want but add in more information from the place of the mind. This creates confusion or doubt and dilutes your original idea. You end up deciding you shouldn’t ask, or it is the wrong ask, or hold out convincing yourself if you wait longer, there will be something better to ask. Back it up a little and keep it simple. Your first thought is usually your gut or intuition and that is the direct line to your higher self.

Here are some tips to help you get clear on your intentions:

It comes back to beliefs, we want to expose our underlying beliefs so we can have more clarity when we voice our desires. Saying our desires out loud allows us to communicate directly with the universe, versus communicating indirectly by just thinking about it. There is too much space for interpretation and for your intentions to get lost or mixed up in your head with all of the other stuff. Speaking the desires brings the desires of your spirit and heart into physical reality.

Sometimes we are afraid to call out what we truly believe because we are afraid that by thinking about it we will attract that to us. What ends up happening is we actually invite the thing in that we don’t want by hiding how much attention we have on it.

When you affirm something, pay attention to the space immediately following. Can you hear yourself disagree? For instance, I would tell myself, “I am good at making money,” but could usually hear myself in the background saying, “I hate money.”  So, if I continued to say, “I am good at making money,” without acknowledging how I really feel, then every time I make that affirmation, what I am really doing it re-experiencing my fear of the underlying belief, consequently reinforcing that belief. Now that I acknowledge I have a belief about money, I can work on clearing that and come back to my original statement without resistance.

Another tip to help strengthen your affirmations is to work on forgiveness. Trish was applying for a new job. She knew she could get the job and she really wanted it. She kept saying, “I have the power to get this job,” but every time she said it, she knew part of her was a little afraid of what would happen if she did get the job. She was afraid it might take over her life. The tip of the iceberg said, “yes,” but the rest of it says, “no.” She worked through it by saying out loud, “I forgive myself for being scared of this job.” Saying this out loud helped Trish to stop putting so much subconscious emphasis on how she was scared of the commitment.

Instead of training the mind to see only the good, train the mind that bad is good too. Make room for both. There is a Navajo concept that the flaws or cracks in our system are how god gets in.

Now you are at a place where you can magnetize your desires to you, rather than chase them. You do this by claiming your intention with your full body. Saying your affirmations without your heart and soul will be saying them without direction. It is like tossing your seeds in the air and getting mad when they don’t grow where you wanted them. Affirmations need the energy of intention behind them. The more direct you are with your intention, the better your affirmations will be.

This week, pick a few affirmations to work on. Let’s make it 3 a day. Each time you say your affirmation watch 1) if your psyche negates the statement, 2) how you can root the statement down into your body, you might even imagine casting your intentions with a line from your body so it stays connected to you, 3) ways you can fuel your intentions with more passion.

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