Bear Speaks Through the Moon

The full moon rose last night, and arose as a big orange ball, beaming on the horizon. I Could see it through the trees just above the hilly ridge line. It felt like a special moon, but then again, I feel that way most days I see Neesa.

I have always been a big dreamer. Learning dream interpretation and lucid dreaming as a young person strengthened my practice as a shamanic healer, and vice versa. As our consciousness increases, the meaning among things deepens and grows. Your expansion grows exponentially as you learn to read the language of the universe and follow your heart.

It is not surprising that Bear would come to me in my dream. Bear often speaks through the moon. She is whispering reminders it is time for a rest soon… that it is time to go inward and care for what is important. This message is especially available for women who throughout their monthly cycle are called to create and called to rest, but it is present for everyone who follows the moon.

Mother bears don’t quite hibernate, but they slow down and rest. They often raise 1 to 3 cubs in the wintertime, caring for them and giving them strength until it is time to emerge in the spring. That is what I am feeling, craving almost. I have ideas I want to breathe a careful, loving life into. I want to emerge with them in a way that is real and a way that can translate to people.

Bear also teaches us about grounding. Bear is like a bridge from earth to the heavens. Bear is the name given to one of the most prominent star systems. Actually, I am in Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore as I write this. Bears are also in trees from time to time. In my mind, it’s like they are climbing the Great Antennae to speak to the heavens.

But the tree is also a symbol of grounding. It is a reminder to bring what is written for us in the stars down to earth and share its beautiful gift on earth. In the same way that Bear goes into earth’s den to create new life or swim in the subconscious waters to find nourishment, it must bring them forward.

In my dream, we had a pet Bear that was cared for but also feared. After having it for years, it tried to bite me one day. The family decided we would have to drive it out and drop it off in the woods somewhere. I was concerned for the Bear, but also a little afraid of it still. Would it survive out there on its own? Especially after it had been in our care for so long? One mistake surely does not warrant casting it out. In my waking life, I knew that Bear was teaching me that being bitten once or twice need not prevent me from pursuing my purpose, that taking time to rest and nourishing an idea is okay, and that I can love even in the face of fear. That I need not hold on too tightly if the world wants to see Bear.

Bear Spirit Animal

What is the new life you wish to create? What is the nourishment you want to share? Do you hear the Bear whispering, it is time to go in?

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