The Lion Awakens

I often record my dreams when I wake up. Nice linear stories sometimes, sometimes scribbles of nonsense, maybe some sketches. Often I wake between dreams to process them, not everything needs to be transcribed.

This morning I awoke early during a dream. It wasn’t one I would classify as a bad dream, but fear was present. In my dream, our bus was traveling through my hometown. We were having some trouble getting around but eventually pulled up behind the school. When we arrived, we found other van campers and two lions. At first, I was excited to see the lions, but when I saw the other van dwellers encouraging them in, I became upset. I admire the lions, but they are dangerous and we shouldn’t encourage them closer. They did. The lions kept coming in and around the bus. When they pawed and clawed at me I froze up.

At one point I cried out for Ryan. He came and could distract them and lead them away from me. Some relief. But then I noticed Ryan stayed calm and was not fearful. The lions followed him around like kittens. Still, when they came near me, I panicked.

I awoke from my dream. Lions. This dream is significant. I thought for a moment and had to laugh to myself, Ryan is a Leo and it is Leo season so it makes sense the lions would show up, especially in relation to him. I fell back asleep.

The cycles continued. My fear of the lions did not wane. Windows and doors kept opening up and I worked to shut them so I didn’t have to be worried.

I awoke again. Why am I trying to shut them out? What am I afraid of? There is more here than residual waking associations.

I eventually got up and knew in the back of my mind there was something important here for me to process. Lions are a strong representation of femininity. I also associate them with gold, golden light, and the sun. Their main prey is the antelope, a sign of speed, adaptability, and far-sightedness. These are qualities I hold and am protective of. One of my advantages in life, so to speak is my sharp mind, ability to see ahead of the curve, and speed. If the lion eats me, will I lose the qualities I see as keeping me safe, keeping me special? It’s funny, even in waking life, my mind went to fear, fear I would be eaten. In my dream, I don’t think they actually wanted to eat me. They just wanted to come in. Somewhere I have this fear that if the tides turn, I might lose my edge in the world.

Lion represents the rising of a new sun. It is time to awaken a new sun, and trust feminine energies of creativity and imagination. In the new sun, the need for competition will decrease, both in the new social paradigm I envision and in my own inner world. The lion came to show me how much fear I am still holding on to and that I need not be afraid. It is not here to swallow me up; it is here to let me ride its mane on the new sun.

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