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How to Stand Out as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

You know that thing that happens when you get into something new, and suddenly it feels like everyone is already doing it?

Comparing yourself to others can be hard to overcome in your spiritual business. 

You might get consumed and thoughts like:

“This has already been done,” 

“Where do I fit in,” or

“There can’t be enough! 

First, this is very normal. 

Going into these places is necessary for us to find our distinction. This experience is a huge part of the individuation process. 

Individuation is also significant in bringing your work forward into the world. 

You can get clarity on who you are and what you’re here to do WHILE putting your work out there. 

Instead of bypassing or allowing these fears to keep you frozen, I’d like to invite you to go into those questions and use them to connect to the clients you have always wanted! 

I have put together five helpful ways to help you overcome comparison, clarify your offer, and attract the right clients.

These tools can help you move through some of the sticky places we get into as spiritual entrepreneurs. 

They will also help you communicate your value to others and, more importantly, yourself. 


​1. Ask yourself questions like:

​”Why am I a good guide for my clients? Not compared to others, but for MY clients.”

​”What do my clients see in me that makes me different?”

​”What are my values?”

​Take the time to write these answers in a weekly/monthly journal.

​2. Lead with what you do instead of how you do it. 

​Your gifts are more about the experience people have from being in your presence than they are about your specific skills and capacities.

What do people receive from being in your presence? It might be joy, inspiration, new perspectives, or acceptance. 

​When we’re getting started offering our work, a common mistake is to lead with our tools.

For example, you might lead with you being an energy worker, a Reiki practitioner, or a medium. 

That isn’t your offer. Those are your tools.

​Get clear on how you will bring value into someone’s life and lead with that.

Another tip is to share from your own life experience! 

People don’t care about quotes from other people and stats about how energy medicine works. 

What they DO care about are stories about when you were struggling with the same problem as them and how you got through it. 


3. Be specific.

​Your work isn’t about you.

​​It’s about what you can do for others.

​What solution do you provide for their life?

What are they longing for? 

What is the result they want? 

That’s what your offer is. 

​Remember, you aren’t going to be everything to everyone. Nor should you.

If we remember, we each have a unique role in helping specific people with specific things for a specific amount of time; it takes the pressure off of having to be it all or needing to compete with others. 

 People are attracted to you for who you are AND what you offer. 

While there is the inner energetic work with calling in and receiving and giving back, the entry point that calls people to you is your offer and being who you are. 

​4. Let go of previous expectations of yourself. 

Let go of the role you thought you might have. 

​We are constantly growing and evolving, and things sometimes end up differently than we thought. 

​We must let go of the life we thought we would have to make room for the life we are meant for. 

​5. Don’t look!

The temptation to drop into the mind and compare yourself to others is very real.

We want to see what others are doing and what is working.

But with each glance, we divert our inner authority further away from ourselves.

If you are watching someone that inspires you, great. 

If they don’t, stop watching them.

The same is true of potential clients. 

If you have people in your life who have expressed they like you or want to work with you, but haven’t opened the door to receive your work (which you can feel energetically), stop trying to cater to them. 

It’s not worth your energy. 

Even if you know that you could help them, let it go. 

They have to come to you. 


So next time you start doing something, and it feels like everyone else is doing it, remember that isn’t true. 

When you find yourself going down the rabbit hole of comparison, drop back into these five things. 

Use the experience as an opportunity to connect to the people that are here for YOU instead of changing how you do things to chase what appears to be working for others. 

You are your unique medicine, and you are here for a reason. 

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