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Five Money Blocks for Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Wounded money beliefs can sound like this: 

“I don’t like taking from people.”

“I just want to help.”

“I’m not doing it for the money.”

“But this is important work; why should people not have access to it because they don’t have money?”

“If you charge, you aren’t a real healer.”

I’ve personally had all of these at one time or another. 

I have worked hard to heal those money wounds and step into my wholeness. 

 I want to walk you through the paradigm-shifting journey I went on that changed my money belief and debunk five central money beliefs that keep spiritual practitioners stuck.


Being broke doesn’t make you more spiritual. 

I lived for a long time thinking that it was a problem to have money. 

 Although having money is not the measure of success or happiness in the world, there are many healers, holistic practitioners, and even teachers that still feel bad charging for their services because, ultimately, they want to help.

 The trouble is, helping for no exchange sometimes isn’t helping. 

Because of greed, most people with integrity and compassion have turned away from money. We see the terrible things people do when they have money, and we blame it on the money.

 We see the system as slanted or rigged, so we withdraw from it even more.

Including more compassionate and caring people within the money system is the only way to bring it back into balance. 


Spiritual folks and healers are deserving of money!

When offering spiritual services, it is essential to have the right offer and pricing for you and your work. 

 This allows us to work with the right people so that we can be challenged and enjoy our work.

 It creates an agreement between you and your clients and ensures that you are taken care of so you can deliver your best sessions. 

 Let’s walk through some common internal money objections that keep practitioners stuck.


Money Belief 1: High prices for spiritual work deprive people who really need it! 

No, it doesn’t at all. 

There are many available resources out there with many different prices. 

Believing that charging what you are worth denies people access to spiritual knowledge is like believing that high-end restaurants cause people to starve. 

People that can’t afford expensive restaurants will eat somewhere else. 

You aren’t depriving anyone of spiritual knowledge. 

What you are doing is showing yourself that not everyone gets to have access to you. 

That’s self-care. 


Money Belief 2: But I don’t want to be like greedy businesses that hurt people or the earth. 

That one’s easy. Then don’t. 

Create a business that helps people instead. 

If you are clear about what you do and you know your motivations, then you won’t care what others think.

You can trust yourself to stay in your integrity. 


Money Belief 3: I was given a gift, and I would never charge people for my wisdom

The hidden reason many are afraid to charge money is that you would be responsible for your results. 

Well, kind of. 

It’s not entirely true you are responsible for your results. 

Your client is responsible for their results. 

Your job is to help and guide them because you have more experience. 

But it may feel like you are accountable if you charge more. 

It might feel more daunting, but having more responsibility isn’t bad. 

The involvement of money in your agreement creates more motivation and commitment for the practitioner AND the client. 

How many times have you signed up for something free or super cheap and didn’t even go?

 How many times have you signed up for something cheap and didn’t apply yourself?

 How many times have you signed up for something expensive and bailed anyway? 

Probably not so much. 

The truth is, if you are more invested in seeing results, you are more motivated to show up, do the work, and learn. 

This is also true of your client. In this way, having an exchange is a service. 

Without it, there is little to no accountability.

Plus, your client gets to experience the joy of what it feels like to invest in THEMSELVES. 

Not just the business, not just their family, but they are worthy of investing in them as a person. That’s quite a gift.  

When we offer services for free or less than we feel is equal, we can quickly enter a zone of resentment. 

Resentment is most certainly not something you want to bring into your healing or coaching sessions. 

 How will you help them heal if you are mad or frustrated that you are doing something you don’t want to do? 

You can lie to yourself and convince yourself it is a service, and it is the right thing to do, and aren’t you wonderful for helping other people? But it doesn’t make the resentment disappear, and you get burned out. 

This is not a good place to do healing work from. 

Once I started accepting payment, I got to help way more people than I ever did, telling myself I was good for offering it for free. 


Money Belief 4 Receiving money is taking from someone. 

Money is also gratitude.

I remember when I started and was trying to get more practice and work more. 

I kept offering free sessions. A lot of people weren’t taking them. 

Lo and behold, when I asked for something in return, they were happy to show up. 

When I deny someone the opportunity to express gratitude by offering me money, I deny their thanks. 

That means two things:

  1. I haven’t closed the loop of give and receive. It’s not balanced. 
  2. I haven’t accepted their gratitude, which means I am less likely to give something for them to be grateful for. 


Money Belief 5: If I charge more, I will lose customers. 

Getting past this belief requires a move from scarcity to a profound amount of trust. 

When you offer multiple options for people, they usually opt for the lowest price unless they are already deep into the work.

You might end up with more clients when you charge less, but you’ll be working more and making less money. 

You won’t be able to do the actual transformative work, and they won’t be available to receive it. It keeps both of you stuck. 

So, you must be clear about your offer and stick to it, even if it means you might hear more no’s. When you hear the yes, it will be the best fit. 


Let go of your expectations and listen to what Spirit is telling you

Now… Let’s say you’ve done some of this work, and now you are ready to embrace your wealth as a healer or coach. 

The last thing I want to share is this. Sometimes listening to Spirit means letting go of how you thought things would look. 

I wanted to be a spiritual guide. Now I am. 

I’ve spent most of my life fully immersed in spiritual training. 

My spiritual teachings are profound and real. They will help you walk through shadow work, deeply heal, and get your offer out there! And now, they include business and money.

 I remember a year ago saying to Spirit, “Please, please don’t send me down that path where I make it about money or business. Please don’t make me like one of THOSE people.” 

But of course, this is what I’m supposed to do. My relationship with money is one of the things I was brought here to heal within myself. 

I remember catching up with a friend who also did deep-level spiritual training. I know he wanted to look like the spiritual guide we all imagine ourselves to be. 

But I was impressed because he listened to Spirit, even if it didn’t look like what he thought. He offers weight loss coaching. 

Less than glamorous if you are going for spiritual, but the thing is, I know his work and his ability to go deep with his clients. 

And they get results, not just with weight but in other areas of their life. 

He might have kept trying to present himself as this ideal guide if he wasn’t available to listen. Instead, he listened. He gets to deliver his work, earn a solid income, and help people. 

 Life is always guiding you around the wheel. 

It will keep beckoning you to move to the other side. If you’ve been chasing money and you are stressed and burned out and ready for a more spiritual approach, chances are, your life is beckoning you to show up in your divine feminine and become the spiritual person you used to judge.

 If you are spiritual and have always avoided the mainstream, life will guide you to embrace it. This is wholeness. This is healing when you aren’t afraid to become something you used to judge. 

The best thing you can do for your money story and money blocks is to be honest about what you are afraid of. 

This is where the healing happens. 

When it comes to calling in money for your business…

It’s not that you magnetically attract clients.

It’s not that you magically attract money.

Resources, wealth, and connections are already all around you. It’s not a matter of magnetizing but opening the door. 

Ask yourself this:

What are five positive, life-giving reasons you want to attract money right now?

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