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Way of the Shaman: How to live a Shamanic Life

Shamanism is hard to explain. It is more of an experience than a thing that one can describe in linear form. 

I wanted to dig deeper into this topic and give you an inside look at how Shamanism has been showing up in my life lately.

Shamans will work their entire lives to develop the following:

  • Sense of Intuition
  • Sense of Spirit Guides
  • Sense of Cycles
  • Sense of Timing and Location


It’s truly magical when it all comes together. But you might be wondering, how do you do it? The Shamanic way of life is not something you can learn from books and how-to guides. 

We learn from being around other shamans and teachers and being part of the experience. 

That is how we learn to do it ourselves. 

Below is my own personal story of Intuition, Spirit Guides, Timing, and Location. 


Sometimes, intuition will bring you Goddesses. 

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve started working with some goddesses. In all my years of working with animals, humans, etc., I’ve never really been called into deity work. But lately, it has been happening. 

 Around the same time I started getting curious about Goddess work, I began to feel the calling that this was just what I needed. It was a simple thought born from intuition.

I immediately knew what to ask for. My intuition brought me to my guides.

Freya first came to me during a shamanic journey. Initially, I thought nothing of it.

Then, turned out a student was in the midst of deep study with Freya.

Then I spoke to a new client, whose dog was barking, so she said, “Quiet Freya!”

Then she came through in a psychic reading.

There were too many synchronicities to ignore!

I started a dialogue with her. I felt called to ask her about the union of masculine and feminine energy since this is something she embodies so well.

As soon as I started feeling into her vibration, and asking for her wisdom and teaching, she began to respond. Sometimes with direct information, sometimes with giving me a feeling, and sometimes in my dreams or journeys. Sometimes she would even give me messages through other people.

She was teaching me to be fierce and compassionate at the same time.

 Then Isis began to come in. I was about to participate in a plant medicine ceremony, and I always tune into my intuition before I begin.

My intuition guided me to ask about accepting parts of myself that I want to change. This question opened me up to a past life with a teaching about portals.

After this experience, Isis started to appear everywhere. She is actively teaching me and preparing the ground for my next healing cycle. 

 When you work with guides, they are essentially prepping the territory of your soul so you have the tools to navigate this next round of teaching. They also help you know what round you are on. 

 The goddesses challenged me to go to the dark corners of my soul and supported me with the deepest love. They held me with compassion instead of force or demeaning.


The Cycle and Location that I never expected

And so here I am now, in the suburbs and stepping into stereotypical Middle America. I am building a house and want to make it look nice and feel nice.

I am trying to be stable, have a foundation, and put down roots. I love where I am and what I’m doing, but it feels an awful lot like being conventional. 

This stage feels so foreign to me because it’s everything I’ve fought against for years. It was everything that I feared.

When I was young, perceptive, and environmentally conscious, I saw mainstream things as being harmful to the earth and detrimental to communities. So I gathered everything together that represented conventionality and made it bad.

Some of that thinking is still with me today. It’s how I keep myself separate and THEM the other. My goal used to be to change other people’s minds, so there wasn’t so much suffering in the world.

But now I know what cycle I am in.

Now I am learning to accept the conventional ones. Not by telling myself I have to love them, but by becoming conventional and loving myself anyway. 

 And so, my greatest healing right now is moving through that original fear. I’m learning to heal the part of me that makes others wrong. 

 Here I am today, on this property that we are in the process of renovating

 Both my partner and I are in the process of learning to find our balance, between cultivating and cutting off, between wildness and function, and with each other. 

 I am thankful for all the goddesses, spirit guides, animals, and human guides who have prepared me to let this part of my separateness go. 

I smiled when I arrived here and started to get a sense of the land. 

I am letting this place whisper its dreams to me.

And whispering My dream. 

Knowing I am here to heal this part of me.

 I realize that my primary purpose for being here is to show up in the community with less charge and judgment. I am here to lead by example. 

  • Intuition came to me through asking the questions that brought Freya and Isis to me
  • Spirit Guides came to me, and I listened to their teachings
  • Cycles are me knowing what I’m currently working on
  • Timing is being here and being open


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