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The Top Three Ways to Create a Vision For Your Spiritual Business

The first step in making an impact with your business is getting clear on your vision.

In my experience as a spiritual entrepreneur, I have learned there are three important facets that come into play when developing a spiritual business.

Once you have this step down you will have a clearer vision, be able to attract the clients you want, and ensure your work is successful and most importantly, enjoyable!

     1. Vision for your clients

What problem do you help your clients solve? This is an important question to ask yourself when trying to get clear on your offer. 

This isn’t about how you work or all you can do as a healer. This should give you a clear picture of how your clients’ lives would be better after working with you. 

For example, a few of the things that people experience from working with me are awakening magic gifts, increasing awareness, bigger, louder dreams, and self-trust.

But that isn’t the tangible problem I solve. 

I help healers grow their gifts and confidence to step into the next level of spiritual leadership. Either by creating a business, creating a new offer in their work, or bringing their teachings to help their community or place of work.

I know the pain points of a developing healer really well because I used to be one. I was kept up at night by fears and self-doubts, wondering if I was even worthy of doing this. 

This is why I created Shaman School. So I could help healers deepen their spiritual understanding, grow their gifts, learn how to apply them, and get their offers out there. 

I help my students do the work they came here to do, do the work they LOVE, and end the game of playing small or trying to be someone they are not. 

So ask yourself, “What problems are keeping my ideal clients up at night, and how can I solve them?”

This will help you create a clear vision for your clients.

       2. Vision for your business

When I did my MA in transformational leadership through CIIS, we spent a lot of time exploring spiritual entrepreneurship. 

A common question that came up was, “How does your business solve a social issue?” 

Without knowing the answer to that question, you’ll constantly wonder if you are in business for the right reasons. That’s not a fun or successful place to be as an entrepreneur. 

Some further questions that will help you are:

What problems do you see in your industry at large? 

What societal problem does your program work to change?

For example, the vision for my business is to equalize healers.

There are so many amazing healers out there that are frozen because they think they aren’t supposed to be one, or that spiritual gifts are either given or they aren’t.

I see spiritual workers putting down other spiritual workers to maintain a hierarchy that they are better.

Well, guess what. No one is better.

We just have different paths and different things to teach.

Some of us are more developed, skilled, or experienced, but there is not a point where you reach being True. Truth is always changing and moving.

Spiritual gifts are a part of human capacity. They can be taught just like any skill.

There is also the belief that to be a healer, medicine person, or shaman means we have to drop everything and leave our life behind. What ends up happening is we keep trying to leave our lives for the spiritual world, but life doesn’t stop.

Right alongside that, we have a belief that spiritual work isn’t valuable. Many people believe it is better to invest in business strategies and systems.

But both beliefs are missing the point. What we need is to bring more of the spiritual side into business, making better businesses and a better overall system. 

Instead of keeping things separate,  we want to include the spiritual with everything else. 

My vision for Holton Healing Arts is to help more people grow their gifts and fully integrate them into their lives as a regular part of interacting with the world.

What problems will your business solve?

     3. Know your “why?”

The single most important thing you can do for your business is to have a vision. If you aren’t clear on it yet, then get support! You can’t skip over this step and it is worth investing in finding your purpose and aligning with your vision. 

Follow your excitement and what inspires you. What do you want to learn more about? Pursuing these things will awaken that vision.

Know your “why?” for doing what you do, and learn to embody it. 

This supports your clients in the best way.

This brings the right people to your work.

This makes the company sustainable because it will stay focused on a vision outside of yourself.

And it will make you grow your business fast because you will be focused on something that motivates and inspires you.

Your work isn’t about you, it is about that vision that you carry. The more specific the better.

For those interested in developing and growing skills and knowledge as a spiritual entrepreneur, Shaman School is for you.   You can learn more an the Shaman School Page

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