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Four Steps to a Successful Spiritual Business

Ahh, results. That’s what we all really want, right? We can say “enjoy the journey,” and we can mean it, and still want results!  I want to share with you the core beliefs and behaviors of those who get results vs. those who don’t.

When I started shaman school I wanted to bring forward the next level of spiritual gifts within my students. I wanted not only to help them deeply heal but also to get them really confident in how to use their unique gifts for an amazing offer. 

I saw this over and over again throughout the industry.

You either find programs that say they are focused on spiritual business, but really just teach business mindset strategies. Or on the other side, you find an amazing spiritual program that offers very little practice and support in developing your offer and getting your gifts out there. 

I was determined to help bridge the gap between these two extremes.

I wanted to offer a higher-level spiritual upgrade AND support students in bringing their work forward through marketing and actionable steps to help them do it!

My biggest prayer was that my students will move through the fear of sharing their spiritual selves in an authentic way. I want my students to truly trust themselves.

As I am in the process of upgrading my business, my offers, and how I show up in my private and business life, I am realizing more and more the importance of trusting myself to bring my vision forward successfully. 

I have noticed that investing in upgrades and taking leaps of faith is less scary now, because I know I will succeed. I also know how to deal with failure because I have failed. So if I don’t succeed, it’s okay too. The best way to get over your fear of failure is by failing!

Coming into my program, the things a lot of my students have in common are their pain points: feeling misunderstood, feeling paralyzed with anxiety, feeling afraid to share who they are, seeking a spiritual partner, finding a home etc. Even though these are usually the most important things to them, these are not the reasons why people join my program.

They join to see real transformation and tangible results. 

The majority of my students are here to apply their learning to upgrade and grow their businesses. I help students either start one when there wasn’t one before or fine-tune a pre-existing spiritual business. I have even seen spiritual entrepreneurs leave my program so confident that they decided to double their prices.

So how do they do it? What makes the difference between someone who “makes it” and someone who hasn’t yet? 

All the successful people I have worked with have done four things in common. 

Here are four steps that will help you achieve your goals and get you closer to your success story. 

1.Know you can only save yourself. 

It is not anyone else’s job to save you. If you have the belief that you need to be rescued or find yourself getting stuck in the victim story, again and again, learn to recognize it and take accountability for it. It is not serving you.

2. Be able to ask for help.

Once you get past being a victim and “needing” help, you can ask for help and support in a more empowered way. This can look like seeking further training, working with a coach, or even just asking the people around you for assistance so you can focus more on your goals (child care, help with cleaning, etc.) This can also look like asking for someone to help keep you accountable. 

3. Be your own coach.

It is your job to recognize your own patterns and know them like the back of your hand.

Do you use overwhelm to avoid moving forward?

Do you spread yourself too thin?

Do you get paralyzed by self-judgment?

You gotta know what your pattern is so you can catch it in action, coach yourself through it, and keep moving forward. 

4. Do the work.

Here’s another one that seems obvious but sometimes isn’t. I’ve heard people come up with many reasons that keep them from doing spiritual work. This can look like: fighting with your partner, constant money problems, unhappiness at work… I have heard people say things like, “I need to resolve the issues with my husband so I don’t have time to go to class,” but then we end up working on the exact block they are up against in the next class.

People sometimes think they have to have their normal life in order before they can do spiritual work when actually doing the spiritual work is what resolves normal life issues…That is how it works.

Sometimes people just want a magic pill to fix it all. But that isn’t how you get results.

You have to do the work. Even though doing the work is challenging at times, it is also joyous and fun. You can’t just skip this step.

Show up for yourself. 

Of all of these, which is the one you think you need to develop the most? The belief you don’t need to be saved? Being able to ask for help? Or believe you deserve investing in support? Coaching yourself? Or just actually doing the work?

Hold that focus for the next month and practice taking baby steps. 

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