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Space and Play for Spiritual Business Growth

One of my words for this year is space, and the other is play.

I found that space naturally followed as soon as I started incorporating play into my life and business.

You know when you want to do something in your business, but you feel like you can only do it once this other thing happens?

I had that story too.

I felt like I needed to have my house completely done in order for me to be creative and grow my business.

I am learning to embody these places you hear about in stereotypical manifesting and law of attraction statements.

We can know these practices from an intellectual level, but it’s only helpful once we can do the thing and see the results.

However, it’s not actually about the results.

It’s about the play.


How energetics, frequency, and having fun led to Holy

I  want to tell you how I have been playing with the energetics and frequency of calling something in from the unseen realm into the 3D via my business.

And so, towards the end of the year, I kept hearing the word “Holy” in the back of my mind.

I just kept hearing the word “holy, holy, holy, holy, holy, holy” over and over again, and I didn’t know why I was hearing it.

Around the same time, I was trying to drop into this concept of play in my business.

So essentially, I heard the word “Holy,” and I was like, “Hmm, I’m curious, what is this thing in my awareness?”

So I reached back, touched that word, and began to pull the thread of the energetic and frequency that was attached to that word.

In the process, I began to get downloads about what that event could be, what it could look like, what it felt like, and what it meant to me.

I kept seeing images of myself and pictures related to this frequency.
And so, I started to play with it.

I kept asking myself, “what could it look like?”

I knew the idea excited me, but I didn’t know what “Holy” meant and how I could incorporate it into my business.

The whole purpose of my business is to find playmates with the same capacity and ability to use their spiritual gifts.

Not only do I teach my students to grow their gifts quickly, but I also get to have a ton of fun hanging out with like-minded folks and sharing magical interactions!

And because it’s fun, my business does well.


Releasing attachment and stepping out of my comfort zone

When there’s something that I want to do in my life, or I want more of in my life, I need to create an offer. That’s what works well for me.

Then I can learn or give myself the thing I want by offering it to others.

As Holy was coming through, I realized it excited me because I didn’t have this attachment to the event.

I didn’t have the thought, “I need to do this for my business to be successful.”

I brought it in with that concept of play.

And because I wanted it for me, it felt like it would be fun.

From there, I realized I wanted to have a few guests.

I tuned in energetically into who would feel fun and exciting for me to have.

Not because they would be good for my business or because they would be a strategic partner.

But because I just wanted to play with them!

I reached out to people I usually wouldn’t approach because of my sister-wounds.

I usually avoided women I saw as more established, branded, or better than me.

As I started to reach out, I realized many of them were feeling the same way toward me.

The reach-out was like this automatic connection: Ah, okay, this is okay, we’re safe here with each other, now we get to play.

So all of these steps I took out of my comfort zone added to the energy of this event.

And you can feel it.

You can feel it in the branding, you can feel it in the messages, you can feel it in the pictures, you can feel the energetics of what this is, without me even having to say anything.


Staying present with my offer and myself

I’m also learning to stay present with this beautiful offer I have created instead of jumping months ahead and trying to plan the next thing.

I want to give it room to breathe.

It also allows me to be present with any negative thinking or self-doubt I have around hosting this event.

I am becoming more aware of my patterning and learning to catch unwanted behaviors instead of shaming myself for doing them.

I’m in this place of play and spaciousness.

I am just having fun creating this thing.

Even if nothing happens, I am learning to embody the person I want to be, which is super rewarding.

I’ve detached entirely from needing it to work for me to be safe.

I’m just exploring and seeing what will happen if I do this because I’m curious.

Maybe I won’t like it, and then I’ll know. And that’s it. There’s no other story to it.

This way of being is something completely new. And it is Holy.

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