How Does Shamanic Healing Work?

Shamans act as a bridge, bringing wisdom and information from the spirit realm into the physical plane. This wisdom is used to help heal individuals and restore balance in the Great Community as a whole.

Shamanic practitioners are skilled at navigating the invisible realms like time, aspects of the psyche, the subtle body, dream worlds, and natural and mythical elements. Using altered states, they then take that information from the spirit world and translate it in a way the community can understand and process. This is important! We might be in touch with some higher ascended energies, but if we can’t share the information in a way that can land with people, knowing it is meaningless.

Shamans get great results because they view all things as having essence or fundamental energy. Blocks in the flow of energy cause disharmony in the body or psyche, and Shamanic Practitioners know energy likes to move and flow and how to facilitate that through their body.

When energy gets blocked, it causes depression, anxiety, mental disorders, physical ailments, general discontentedness, or struggle during transitions in life.

Since Shamans are able to see the pathway out of patterns, they are able to accurately locate the root of the problem, interact with the energetic or spiritual component of misalignments, and mediate between the spiritual realm and physical realm to remove and heal the cause of the block itself. It is also after-care and well-taught shamans will offer continued support for integration.

So how do you know you are called to be a Shaman? Most hear the call like a gentle nudge. You might also have an initiation or traumatic experience that propels you into awakening a different worldview.  Many of us spontaneously interact with the invisible realms, like hearing and seeing spirits. Almost all have an intense journey of self-healing, want to help heal others, and are called to restore balance in the community.

Against popular thought, I believe Shamans are not more powerful than others. Anyone can learn to access this part of them, however, usually, people called to the path are naturally gifted in the spiritual ways.

Close your eyes and listen to your heart, what does it say? Imagine yourself as the confident healer you are ready to become, what does look like? What does that feel like in your body? Does it get suddenly excited? Does it feel like a little nudge? Do you feel your heart scream yes, followed by a little burst of fear in your belly? If it does, you are on the right track. Our fear and excitement are two sides of the same coin. Part of the Shamanic path is getting better at responding to those nudges with less resistance. Shamans usually have a very deep desire to help and might even have a dream of exactly how they want to help too. Take some time to sit with that dream, notice what you see and let yourself know that it IS possible.

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