Four Simple Steps to Radically Transform Your Spiritual Business

Sometimes we overcomplicate things, especially when we are desperate for change. Today I want to share with you the four most important steps that I took to find to radically transform my life and my work.

If your dream for yourself is self-growth, offering healing work on the side for fun, or being a medicine person the process is the same.

1. Ask for what you want
Not just what you think is likely. I don’t just visualize it until it becomes true, I mean you actually have to know what you want. Give yourself permission to have a clear picture, and give yourself permission to want money or free time. Often when we are asked what we want we divert to really general peace on earth things. That’s great, but what do you actually want for YOU. Being able to ask for what we want is how we get free. The more liberated we are, the more free others can be.

2. Play the long game
Imagine the risk of your life staying exactly the same. When we picture the ideal vision of what we want… let’s say it is a retreat and wellness center our mind comes in and tries to fill in the gaps of how to get it by making a to-do list. This becomes overwhelming and feels impossible so we do nothing. Use the vision as motivation and a beacon, but look at what you can do right now. What is the next easiest step for you to take? Know it is possible your vision could take a few years, but that a few years is way better than never.

We are stuck little in the consumption consumer mindset that things are supposed to happen immediately. While we can get major shifts really fast, we also need to value slow healing and slow progress. If we don’t actually believe miracles can happen in a one-day workshop, then play the long game and invest in gradual, actual progress.

3. Do your inner work
I would say 90% of my success has come from doing my inner work and investing in my own healing journey. About 10% of it was method and strategy and marketing. You can get the marketing advice in the world and it won’t matter if you haven’t spotted your permission blocks and learned how to stop holding yourself back.

You are worth investing in yourself. Find someone doing what you want to do and learn from them. Join their group or program. Since they are there, they can teach you how to do it. This is the fastest way to success. Sometimes it might seem like a lot of money but it is nothing compared to the time and money of figuring it out on your own or never doing it at all. By investing in something that actually helps you instead of covering up pain or self-doubt, you are automatically undoing centuries of generational patterns and patriarchal beliefs.

4. Start with a firm foundation and then take the risk
When I began to bring my healing work forward, I could take care of my basic needs. I had a job that paid my rent and fed me. It also allowed me a little flexibility so I could actually take clients and work on my business and invest in growing myself.

Trying to start my business with the pressure of having it pay all my bills and feed me was too much pressure, which caused me to bring in desperate energy, and then I wasn’t seeing success. We do our best work when our basic needs are met, not by forcing ourselves into spontaneously manifesting.

Eventually, you will make the leap from your job when you’ve worked the belief pathways and trust yourself. At some point, you’ll be ready to take the risk to hold yourself to your own goals, but it’s hard to start out that way unless you have a bit saved up to support you.

Don’t make decisions to avoid judgment or rejection. It will always be present, whether you do anything or not, even if you keep yourself really hidden. If you are avoiding judgment you are also avoiding expression and expression is what you came here to do.

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