Three Ways to Bring in Ease When You Feel Overwhelmed

How to get hired as a healer has as much to do with your personal experience and Shamanic training as it does with how your energy is when you are completing tasks.

I recently just went through a big dose of coming back to presence. I had a super busy week. For a couple of reasons, I had piled a lot of work on myself. I was pushing and spinning my wheels and got caught in trying to get it done, rather than letting it be a magical experience of creation.

Towards the end of the week, I suddenly realized I was frustrated with the way it felt like too much and with nothing getting done. I sat with it and noticed that the thing that was driving that push was a little bit of scarcity mindset.

I got in my head around comparing myself to others, worrying about my survival, wanting to get ahead, and thinking about catastrophic things that are quite unlikely. Spending time on those things isn’t a practical use of my time and energy, but it crept in and settled, fueling the need to get it done from scarcity instead of inspiration. This mindset clouded my vision. It became about doing tasks rather than letting my magic gifts come through.

Towards the end of the week when nothing was happening, I finally woke up and snapped out of it and caught the pattern was like holy crap. All these “to-do” things that are happening are things that I’ve created. Things like getting a certain amount in my savings, structures that I want in place with my spiritual business, and some ordinary life things like planning events, coordinating plans, and cleaning the house.

All those things have been chosen by myself and that added a subtle rush to my energy. Once I saw that I called myself back to presence and asked myself what is the most important thing right now and what is my main job? This brought me clarity and focus.

My whole system, my whole body became less tense. I was able to look at the tasks that I had made for myself and go through them and discern what was important, less important, and not needed at all.

3 Ways to bring in ease when you feel like there is too much to do

1) Delegate

I know, I know this one is hard! It’s hard when you are on a tight budget and there are things you can do yourself and you want to save money. Often those things cost you MORE money in the end because you have to compensate for the stress they create. You end up getting into a fight, or getting sick, or needing a day to rebound and veg out or detach.

Start with one thing you can delegate to someone else. What is the easiest thing to get help with? That might be asking a family member or it might look like hiring someone. This frees up your energy so you can bring more presence to the things that are important and that only you can do.

2) Discern

Determine what needs to go. What tasks have you created that don’t need to happen at all? An example, I was working on my content calendar for my spiritual healing business and realized it felt crowded. I was in the mindset of checking the boxes and forcing my way through and was trying to schedule something every day. I realized I don’t need to post every day. I’m not going to miss an opportunity because I didn’t post. Plus, because it felt rushed to get it all done, my content wasn’t going to be valuable; it would just be filler and noise. That’s not a good use of my time, or anyone else’s. It’s not helping anyone, nor is it setting a good example as a spiritual leader. Look at the tasks or goals you’ve created for yourself, discern if they are fueled by scarcity, and just take them off your list if they are. 3) Phase

3) Strech out your timeline

Lastly, there were a handful of things that I wanted to get done now but realize they don’t have to be done right now, they can move and fold into my schedule over a couple of months. So I still have my eyes on them and the vision I have for my Shamanic healing practice. I still want to accomplish them, but instead of making myself go crazy trying to squeeze it into right now, I’m giving myself some ease by letting it unfold over the course of a couple of months.

This is what feminine flow is.

As we rush into the business of the holidays, ask yourself when have you caught yourself in the scarcity mindset. Did it matter if that thing was perfect or done by a certain time? What did it feel like to catch yourself in the act? How did you come back to presence? Note the feeling you felt in your body when you were in a scarcity mindset or rushing, so next time you feel that in your body, you’ll know that it means it is time to take a step back to presence.

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