What are Shamanic Ceremonies?

What are Shamanic Ceremonies?

Shamanic ceremonies are important in shamanic cultures, they are known to preserve knowledge and pave the path to ancient wisdom. The ceremonies are a way to dive into the unknown and unseen realms. These places can fill us up with healing and beautiful energy.

When to Perform Shamanic Ceremonies?

Seasonal and lunar transitions are a great time to perform a shamanic ritual as well as the sunrise, sunset, new moon, full moon, different moon phases, and the arrival of each season. The rituals during these times remind us that everything is connected and to look and deal with the changes going on inside we must pay attention and connect with the changes going on around us as well.

Shamanic Ceremony

Using the Phases of the Moon as a Ceremony.

Did you know that the cycles of the moon have an impact on the tides of the ocean? Our bodies are made of a large amount of water, and just like the tides, we are also impacted by the phases of the moon. You might find that during certain phases of the moon, your mind is more creative and your energy is through the roof while at other times you can find that during a certain phase you need more rest. Every person is different and reacts differently to each phase. But once you acknowledge and start the process of tuning in to your body and keeping note of how you react you could use the phases of the moon to your benefit.

New moons are a time of beginnings and rebirth. It’s the perfect time to start a new project, make new friends, move cities and try new things. As the moon begins to wax, it’s important to treat your new plans with care and attention.

Full Moons carry an immense amount of power. The moon is shining the brightest and strongest, filling us up with its healing energy. This is why full moons are the perfect time to focus on healing and shamanic ceremonies.

Waning Moons are a time to sit back and relax and prepare for the new cycle once again.

According to Yoga Journal “Many shamanic and spiritual practitioners choose to perform their releasing and blessing ceremonies during new and full moons and on the equinoxes and solstices. Spiritual energies are abundant to support ceremonies as we release challenges, ask for blessings in starting new projects, or face life transitions.”

Ceremonies offer healing and guidance when you need it most, try out your own shamanic ceremony and see for yourself or visit our Healer’s Portal for guided journeys.

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