How would it feel to master your spiritual gifts, up-level your life, and be the go-to spiritual guide in your community?


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Everything you need to master your spiritual gifts, heal yourself, guide others through incredible healing in a short period of time, and grow a thriving spiritual business that is unique to you and offers deep service to the world.

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What Students Are Saying

Since Shaman School, I have built healthy relationships with family and friends through letting go, excepting people where they're at and most importantly forgiving in my heart. Because of these practices, I have become a better husband, father, and brother, and my Holistic medicine practice has blossomed with ideas and creativity to help serve clients.
Metaphysical Practicioner
The wisdom you led us to discover through your carefully guided and chosen words for each and every class and amazingly curated lessons have transformed the person I am from a floaty-fawning- escapist to someone who can stand in my power with confidence and claim that I am a healer and claim my place.
Life Coach
I envisioned having a successful healing arts practice. One that provided me a sustainable income and allowed me more free time to spend with my loved ones, create art, and travel. I received the intuitive guidance and savvy business sense in Shaman School to bring this to fruition. I was lead to clearly see my gifts, create a healing offer and share this with others.
Reiki Healer
Had a group of people waiting and ready for the upgraded offer and made $2400 on the first day with no technology, list, or program pages.
Shamanic Healer and Leadership Coach
I found an inner knowing during Shaman School and here I am a year later... finally have my yoga studio, met the love of my life and have grown so much!
Community Healing Center Owner
When I started Shaman School I was skeptical and lacked the confidence in my skills to "see and know" the unseen world of spirit. I have grown and stretched beyond what I believed I could. As a healer, I now believe in myself wholeheartedly. Shaman School was absolutely, unequivocally the best investment I EVER made in myself!
Holistic Counselor
Being a part of the community created in the Shaman School container was worth the cost in itself. It has helped me to trust my intuition and check in with my knowing for any type of decision. I launched a new program and raised the prices for my services. I created my own unique version of energy healing that resonates with me.
Psychic & Intuitive Development Coach
"When I started the course it was based on an intuitive nudge that I needed to be there – This is a turning point I’ll look back on as a pivotal moment in my life."