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The Practice of Shamanic Journey

Embrace Your Inner Wisdom and Unleash Your Potential

Learn the exact steps of the Shamanic Journey practice, so you can use the benefits of Shamanism to connect with the spirit guides, grow your spiritual gifts, and heal in all areas of your life.

Do you feel like you are getting signs or signals from spirit, but you’re not sure what they mean or how to connect to the spirit realm when you want?

Do you know that it is time to HEAL and end the cycles of overgiving, overwhelm, feeling limited, and disconnected?

This short, in-depth video training I will teach you the exact steps of the Shamanic Journey practice and help you:

The shaman journey work has been a blessing. I had trouble being in my body, sharing my abilities and strengths with others, and claiming my space. I claimed my power and space which has led to healing the relationship with my family!

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The Call to the Shamanic Path

In this bonus training, you’ll learn all about shamans and why you might feel called to the healer’s path (feeling called to it is a real thing, by the way). Plus, what to do next!

My experience has been nothing short of transformational. I’ve deepened into my knowledge of myself. I feel more free, more open, more creative, more connected, and just plain happier.
Everyday activities were void of magic. Now I live an integrated shamanic life. My relationships are deeper. Healing is happening around me.
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About Your Guide


Best Selling Author - Shaman School Founder

During my childhood I had interactions with the spirit realms, psychic gifts, and prophetic dreams, but struggled to understand their meaning. Without a clear cultural context of what was happening, I felt lost and confused. 

In 2007 I experienced my first Shamanic training and realized that I unknowingly had shamanic gifts for a long time. I was so enlivened from the practices that I started formally training in Shamanism for my own personal healing and it changed my life in every way.

Through an on-going journey of personal healing, I connected to my higher calling to bring my gifts forward. I now help others learn how to master their gifts, heal, and create incredible fulfilling lives.

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Learn the exact steps of the Shamanic Journey practice, so you can use the benefits of Shamanism to connect with the spirit realm, grow your spiritual gifts, and heal.

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