Earth Centered Leadership Upgrade for Paradigm Shifters
- Elevate Your Vision. Transform Your Impact -

Earth Centered Leadership Upgrade for Paradigm Shifters.
Elevate Your Vision, Transform Your Impact.

Imagine arriving at the sacred temple.

You’re here to join a collective of change makers, innovators, spiritual business owners, retreat leaders, and mystics to experience rites of passage, work with plant medicine, and heighten your impact in the world.

You’ve been through healing programs, business programs, and personal development. 

You might already have a program, business, or project of your own and you’re ready to amp it up in the most authentic and impactful way.

Because your motivation is deeply rooted in your mystic vision. You might not know exactly what it is or how to do it, but you are ready to bring it forward. 

You’re ready to see change in the world and create a bigger impact through your personal work or business. 

This is for you if your hungry for spiritual knowledge and you're ready embrace ancient earth wisdom to create real change in the world.

You just know that there is something inside you, and you are meant for more. 
Your mystical side is ready to blossom, but you’re still hiding out and keeping your visions secret, or you’re living someone else’s life instead of the person your soul came here to be. 
Perhaps you know you could be doing more but you keep running into blocks, overwhelm, or know you need to up-level but aren’t sure how.
This is for you if you know you and your vision matters and you’re ready to be deeply supported in bringing it to life. 

You're invited to be part of the Earth Embodiment Council

A group coming together to develop their mission, connect deeply with the divine, and unleash something of epic beauty into the world that creates massive change.

A year long hybrid of in-person rites of passage mixed with virtual support where you will be exploding with creativity and divine inspiration

It’s time to let yourself be valued for your brilliance, not just the stereotypical ideas of success, uncover your life’s work, get strategic support bringing your vision to life and lean into your own mystery, authentic voice, and sacred path.

How Would It Feel To...

– Fully embrace your mystic vision and infuse it into your spiritual mission

– Be part of 4 different ceremonies and experience 4 different types of plant medicine to initiate you on your path

– Receive the Earth Embodiment teachings to share directly with others or weave into your own programs or business

– Innovate with other healers, leaders, and change makers

– Get strategic support bringing your vision into the world

How It Works

Part Mystery School, Part Business School, Part Certification

We come together 4 times a year for in-person plant medicine ceremony and new earth masterminds. 

In between our in person gatherings, we meet monthly to deepen your work, plus ongoing group messaging support.

During our gatherings, you’ll arrive at our magical sanctuary to meet and collaborate with other badass people putting out beautiful work in the world.

Each ceremony includes food and accommodation, plant medicine, workshops, and Earth Embodiment Teachings for you to offer or embed in your own business or program.

You’ll experience ritual, sacredness, and intention at every corner and share in beautiful food.

During each of the four gatherings, you’ll work with different plant medicines and cultivate your connection to the earth, to yourself, to the divine, and to your mission.

Plus enjoy creative time to work on your projects, group masterminds, and innovate as a council of new earth thinkers.

Think of cozy corners and collaboration. Think hotseat coaching surrounded by brilliant minds and beautiful hearts sitting right there next to you.

You’ll be blossoming with inspiration, creativity, passion, clarity, motivation, and so. much. magic. 

When you complete all four ceremonies you’ll receive an Earth Embodiment Counselor Certification.

It is a legacy that you will pass on to those who work with you.

"The tools you placed in your teachings have unleashed confidence, awareness, connection, and knowing that maybe I knew was possible, but nearly accepted were not available to me in this lifetime."
Intuitive Mentor
"Work👏with👏Spirit👏 Bird. Her brilliant coaching and courses led me to finally land a Netflix deal for my writing, no joke. I can draw a straight line from her coaching to my success."
Writer and Coach

The Rites of Passage

Our proven method to help you become the leader you need to be to bring your vision to life


True Self

You know when you suddenly realize a belief or goal that you had was adopted from someone else and is not yours at all? We’re going to dismantle any remaining constructs from family or society that have you disconnected from who you really are.

It’s through your true self that you’ll access your true genius and become the visionary that sees your ideas become a reality.



Do you ever find yourself feeling trapped in your own body and you can hear things on repeat in your head, but you don’t know how to open your mouth and get them out?

If your heart could speak what would it say? We’re going to help you find your balance to bring your message and your voice together in a powerful way that can be shared with the right people. 



You hear about the importance of taking time for yourself and how it has a direct result on your business or project, but do you feel like that’s really hard to trust? Like if you stop and take a break it might all fall apart? 

This gathering will be a total rest and restoration of yourself and the love of your project. It’s time to create from a place of love and beauty instead of fear and haste.



When you are an innovator you will be led to places where there are no pathways because it is your job to create new ones. If you are not aware of this you might get swept up in frustration. We are going to exit this pattern so you can be the creator you are meant to be.

We’re going to teach you how to consciously use disruption to leverage your business or project and make it stand out and also to create a new pathway where there wasn’t one before. 

The time is now to cultivate and share your message. Big changes are on the horizon. The people need you and they are ready for your original voice.


About Your Guide







I’m SpiritBird, International Shamanic Teacher, Best-Selling Author, Expander of Spiritual Gifts, Mystic Mentor, and Self-Trust Activator.

The seed of Earth Embodiment was planted in my awareness years ago during a vision. I realized no matter what we do, at some point, the Earth is going to be gone. While I am a supporter of caring for the Earth I realized it’s not about SAVING her as it is about EMBODYING her.

Our job here as Earth walkers is to come into ourselves and embody her and embody her wisdom so when the day comes that the Earth is gone, she lives in the bodies of humans traversing the cosmos.

For years I carried this knowing with me. Then, early 2023 while I was on a trip, I woke up in the middle of the night. I finally got up to journal… 

In a matter of a few minutes, the message from the spirits and from the earth came through like lightning and said NOW. It gave me everything I needed about the codes of Earth Embodiment.

This is how a shaman creates.

This is how we rest into dreaming, follow the flow, and bring forward new things.

Students I’ve worked with often reflect to me how amazing my programs are and how they got so much out of it.

They’ll literally say they don’t even understand how it was possible that all of the layers could be in there, and that it could seep into every single part of their life.

They see that it definitely worked, but how?! How did it work? How did I do that?

Earth Embodiment is going to teach you how to do that too, except with your unique voice, and your unique teachings.

I’ve helped hundreds of clients heal, expand, and grow spiritual businesses.

We are here to cultivate your own Earth Embodiment so you can unleash a full new level of passion, clarity, and impact. 

"If you are thinking of going deeper this is a beautiful place to be. I am more confident with my voice and speaking my truth. I propelled forward at a rapid rate."
Quyanaa Tribal Wellness Founder
"Thank you for teaching me so much! Every day, I give thanks for you. I can't believe how much I have learned and grown."
Medicine Woman
"A big THANK YOU this is so much more than I imagined it would be, and it has been the perfect opening for me to keep stepping into this work more fully, keep showing up authentically, and keep unfolding my path."
Anna student review
Writer, Healer

Early Bird Investment

*Limited Seats Available!

Save by investing in full



Choose a 12 Month Plan:

$833/mo or $2500 down and $636/mo


Earth Embodiment Includes:

This isn't just a set of teachings, this is a profound wisdom that you will carry in your body and at your core.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our next Earth Embodiment Council begins 2025. Join the waitlist to get the first announcements.

You’ll be a certified Earth Embodiment Mentor! You can add it to your certifications and qualifications to stand out, but more importantly you’ll have the wisdom and codes of this work interlaced in your voice and your words. It is a legacy you’ll pass on to anyone who works with you.

It is a year long and includes 4 in-person ceremonies, monthly training calls and ongoing virtual support via a private forum.

While it is important to attend all of the ceremonies, I understand life sometimes throws us unexpected events. If you can’t make one of our Earth Embodiment Ceremonies you will receive a credit to join a different ceremony during the year. 


Yes, this work blends beautifully and powerfully with other practices. Keep in mind, however, that this program is designed to help you create your own programs, projects, or trainings. The intention is for you to cultivate your own unique genius 💜

Do you have a vision of change you want to see in the world? Do you already have a business, non profit, or project or are you willing to do what it takes to create one? Are you ready to influence more people than ever to create the real changes you want to see in the world? Then yes, this is for you. 

Yes we do! We will be working with different medicines throughout the program in a ceremonial way. If you are new to plant medicine I recommend scheduling a call to discuss any questions you have. 

You'll carry the tools of the Earth's wisdom in your body so you can fully embrace your mystical self and create something original to offer the world.

You'll land fully here, fully in yourself, and wholly uplevel your message.
This is an unparalleled journey of profound wisdom.
You'll become the person you need to be to carry out that vision.
The earth dreamed you up for this.
It's time.

* Holton Healing Arts is proud to donate a percentage of profits to wildlife preservation, diversity, and connection.
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